Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Container Service is Fully Upgraded to ACK Anywhere, Extending the Boundaries of the Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Container Service is Fully Upgraded to ACK Anywhere, Extending the Boundaries of the Cloud

This short article discusses the launch and benefits of ACK Anywhere.

5G, AR, and AIoT scenarios are driving the evolution of the next-generation cloud architecture, while containers are reshaping the way the cloud is used. To help enterprises make full use of the new-generation cloud architecture, Ding Yu, an Alibaba researcher and Alibaba Cloud Native Application Platform Leader, made an important announcement at the Shanghai Alibaba Cloud Computing Summit on September 26, 2021. "Alibaba Cloud Container Service has been upgraded to ACK Anywhere to enable enterprises to obtain consistent container infrastructure capabilities wherever they need the cloud," said Ding Yu.


Previously, Alibaba Cloud introduced the cloud multi-form deployment architecture, providing various deployment forms, such as central cloud, local cloud, edge cloud, and cloud box. The comprehensive upgrade of ACK Anywhere means the public cloud capability is further extended to localization, and customers can also experience low-cost, low-latency, localized public cloud products in self-built data centers.

ACK Anywhere: A New Generation of Container Platform With "Unbounded Computing and Unlimited Workloads"

With the popularity of cloud computing and the development of cloud-native technologies, container services have become an essential infrastructure for major companies to use the cloud. Ding Yu said the upgraded ACK Anywhere has four core capabilities: consistent experience, elastic computing power, sinking capabilities, and simplified disaster recovery, enabling enterprises to implement unified cluster management, unified resource scheduling, unified data disaster recovery, and unified application delivery when using Container Service in any business scenario.


ACK Anywhere supports unified management of central cloud, local cloud, and edge cloud container clusters and unified management of customer-built clusters and other cloud Kubernetes clusters. Relying on strong elastic computing power, enterprises can expand from local to the cloud as needed, realize second-level scaling, and deal with periodic or sudden business traffic peaks calmly through hosting elastic nodes.

Thanks to the rich product capabilities of Alibaba Cloud's public cloud, ACK Anywhere can deploy mature cloud-native observability and security protection capabilities to user environments. It can also sink advanced middleware, data analysis, and AI capabilities on the cloud to local environments to meet customer requirements for product richness and data control and accelerate business innovation.

Business continuity is the focus of modern enterprise IT architecture. The built-in backup center in ACK Anywhere implements the integration of backup, disaster recovery, and migration. It supports Kubernetes cluster configuration and data volume backup and recovery. Combined with Alibaba Cloud's rich experience in multi-active disaster recovery, it helps enterprises comprehensively improve system stability and business continuity.

ACK Distro: A Secure, Easy-to-Use, and Open Kubernetes Release

To meet the needs of customers to deploy Kubernetes clusters in data centers, ACK Anywhere has launched a new member, ACK Distro, so that enterprises can enjoy the same secure and reliable enterprise-level capabilities as ACK on their infrastructure.


ACK Distro is a Kubernetes release launched by Alibaba Cloud for heterogeneous IaaS environments. Its core components have undergone mass production applications from hundreds of thousands of external customers, with industry-leading security and reliability. At the same time, it supports multiple chip architectures and heterogeneous hardware environments to ensure that ACK Distro can run on diverse infrastructures and fully tap the potential of these infrastructures.

In Gartner's latest report on the global container public cloud competition pattern, after more than ten years of container technology reserves and practical experience, Alibaba Cloud became the only selected enterprise in China for the third consecutive year. Its products cover Serverless containers, service mesh, sandboxed containers, hybrid clouds, and edge containers. Alibaba Cloud is one of the service providers with the most comprehensive coverage of key capabilities for container products in the world.

"There may be no unified path for enterprise digital innovation, but after practical testing, cloud-native is the shortest path for enterprise digital innovation," Ding Yu said. Alibaba Cloud's cloud-native is committed to providing a technical base for digital innovation for thousands of industries, including government affairs, manufacturing, transportation, Internet, finance, and retail.

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