Community Blog Protect Your Data with Alibaba Cloud Database Backup Service

Protect Your Data with Alibaba Cloud Database Backup Service

In this blog, we will provide an overview of Alibaba Cloud's Database Backup Service, including its benefits and related scenarios.

Alibaba Cloud Database Backup Service (DBS) is a safe, dependable, and cost-effective solution that enables you to protect and backup your data. It provides robust protection to your data including, but not limited to, data centers, hybrid clouds, and third-party vendors.

As a highly reliable solution, it enables you to take incremental backup as well as restore data to a very accurate point in time. Case in point, if you need to make any modification to your online data, you can easily do so as DBS also offers real-time backup whenever you change or modify online data. Furthermore, such data is stored to Object Storage Service (OSS) in real-time, helping you decrease Recovery Point Objective (RPO) to a few seconds.

You can simply use DBS and stop worrying about your database. It is safe, secure and available in real-time.

Key Features and Benefits

Database Backup Service (DBS) comes with multiple benefits such as incremental backups, point in time recovery, support databases from multiple environments, and much more. Let us understand some of the key benefits in detail:

1. Minimal RPO (in seconds)

Reduced Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is much desired by enterprises.

DBS depends on real-time data synchronization procedures given by Alibaba Cloud's Data Transmission Service (DTS). The database transaction logs are examined constantly, parsed in real-time and stored to cloud in an incremental fashion.

It ensures minimum latency and at the same time ensures security and complete integrity of data.


DBS stores the backup files in OSS instances. With DBS, users can easily cut storage cost as it provides an opportunity to choose from multiple OSS storage classes such as Standard, Rare Access, and Archive.

DBS smartly compresses the data in order to reduce storage space when saving the data to OSS.


DBS uses Key Management Service (KMS) APIs to obtain the encryption key and enables encryption in real-time. Similarly, it obtains the decryption key and helps restore the corresponding database at the time of data recovery.

Data security is further enhanced as DBS supports SSL-encrypted connections, protecting data during transmission.

Key Scenarios

Alibaba Cloud DBS supports various use cases and scenarios. It is a right fit solution for companies requiring remote backup, cloud backup, table recovery, and long-term data archiving. Let us understand two important scenarios that can be supported by DBS:

1. Remote Backup

Many financial companies and banks need to maintain local as well as remote backup to adhere to legal compliances. DBS enables users to take remote backups of RDS instances, databases deployed on Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances and in on-premises data centers. The data is stored to OSS in real-time through a leased line.

  1. Secure Remote Backups through leased lines, IP whitelists, and SSL encryption.
  2. Backup lifecycle management with flexible data recovery to a specified time.

2. Cloud Backup

DBS facilitates quick disaster recovery by enabling customers to backup on-premises databases in real time

  1. Cost-efficient Backup with a Pay-As-You-Go billing method
  2. Supports long-term cloud archiving with three storage classes

With Alibaba Cloud Database Backup Service, ApsaraDB for RDS, and Object Storage Service, you can easily build a comprehensive and automated backup and recovery solution for your enterprise.

To acquire more insights about Database Backup Service, kindly visit - www.alibabacloud.com/products/database-backup

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