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Alibaba's POLARDB Powered 11.11, and Now It's Bringing You Games with Zero Latency

In this episode of Academy in the Studio, James was joined by Vincent and Anthony to discuss how POLARDB can empower your business.

On November 11, the same day as Alibaba's largest global shopping festival, James Fitzgerald at Academy in the Studio was joined by guests Vincent and Anthony for a rundown on the functions and architecture of POLARDB as well as some interesting customer stories.


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Newly released to Alibaba Cloud's database product and solution portfolio, ApsaraDB for POLARDB, or POLARDB for short, represents the next generation in relational databases, using an advanced cloud-native distributed architecture to provide new levels of performance and scalability to enterprise-level customers.

POLARDB was originally designed for internal use at Alibaba Group. Its computing capabilities were honed over the past 10 years during which it was used to support major shopping events and promotions on Alibaba's various e-commerce platforms. The high concurrency and scalability capabilities of POLARDB especially shone during the hyper-scale Double 11 Shopping Festival last year, in 2018, supporting some one billion orders in a 24-hour span.

A Better System Architecture for More Powerful Capabilities

Technical expert on the show, Vincent, explained how ApsaraDB for POLARDB represents the third generation of databases, following Alibaba's previous RDS database management system. POLARDB boasts a unique distributed cloud-native architecture that offers better performance, scalability, reliability, and even better usability over traditional databases.

POLARDB takes advantage of cloud-native technologies to support scenarios of high concurrency that require extreme elasticity and scalability and superior hardware performance. Vincent noted that POLARDB can process highly concurrent data requests, scaling up to millions of queries per second and 100 terabytes per database cluster.

Vincent also explained that, by being "distributed," the database servers and storage systems of POLARDB are decoupled within its system architecture, thereby allowing the computing and storage capabilities of the database management system to be completely isolated from each other. This architecture significantly optimizes the hardware performance of the database system also reducing overall storage costs.

How POLARDB's Bringing the Power to the Gaming Industry

Next, document engineer, Anthony, discussed how POLARDB, even though new on the market, has already make a huge impact on some major customers of Alibaba Cloud. The unique advantages of the new database management system are especially advantageous to new and upcoming industries like new retail, online education and finance, and the gaming industry.

During the show, Anthony presented two success stories in the gaming industry. Anthony noted that the gaming industry is unique in its challenges, having extremely high requirements for cloud services. Gaming companies need to provide games with little to no latency and a high level of security and fault tolerance.

One big customer of Alibaba Cloud was the creators of the popular game Sausage man, which, in China, has over a hundred million registered users with an average of 20 million plus users playing simultaneously during peak periods. With POLARDB, the gaming company was able to greatly reduce the maintenance time and increase overall game reliability. Next is a Guangzhou-based gaming company, Zhuoyou Information Technology Limited, specializing in the games publishing industry, providing various solutions to gaming companies like marketing operations and quality control as well as channel experience optimization. By upgrading from RDS to POLARDB, Zhuoyou was able to achieve extremely low latency and high write concurrency during online and daily peaks.

You can watch the original video that this blog is based on here.

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