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Alibaba Cloud MVP Story - Anjani Kumar

In this blog, MVP Anjani Kumar discusses how Alibaba Cloud and MultiCloud4U can help enterprises adopt a digital transformation strategy.

Anjani Kumar is an Alibaba Cloud MVP, Digital Business Transformation consultant and a technology evangelist. He is the founder of MultiCloud4U Technologies which focuses on empowering other technologists and companies. MultiCloud4U is helping the Tech Community and many Small, Medium and established organizations to deal with emerging challenges arising due to wider cloud adoption.

Transformative Technologies for Businesses

One of the major challenges businesses are facing is to organically build transformation technologies that can help them survive the onset of the next industrial revolution, also called the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions. When one desires to develop AI, Deep Learning, Data Science, Big data and Data Full applications to respond to the problems in real time, one needs the power of elasticity in compute, bandwidth and storage that can massively scale up to the needs of the real-world.

The way technology is unfolding from just being a medium of facilitation to facilitator, it is going to transform our ways of working and the way we engage with machines. This massive technology transformation needs a massive infrastructure. Cloud adoption for businesses is becoming a necessity, rather than an option of dissemination for digital business transformation based use cases.

One striking thing that is quite evident from Anjani's work is the transformation mindset he inculcates in the technologists. Anjani has been instrumental in transforming the mindset of technologists in adapting new technologies and being frugal. This is particularly helpful to the businesses who are looking to set up or upgrade their existing technology stacks to sustainable technology solutions.

Cloud Computing Is More than Just a Commodity

Cloud is a fantastic service that has evolved over the past 20 years, from being a provider of dumb terminals, Virtual hard Drive, Virtual Machines to a full blown highly elastic IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, Container-as-a-Service (CAAS) and Function-as-a-Service (FAAS).

The new world obviously comes with associated challenges as well. Companies and individuals implementing and adopting the cloud, need to be aware that cloud services are a "commodity". Cloud is a service and sold on the parameter of usage, based on time, storage, bandwidth and computing. Every activity that one does on the cloud, is chargeable in one or the other way. The data that you put in the cloud, has to go through multiple regulations, bounded with regional legal requirements. These factors make cloud services an important technologically traded asset.

Sticking to a single cloud vendor has its own challenges. With the introduction of FAAS, "Vendor Lock-in" has become one of the major challenges.

Many businesses think of the cloud as a low cost solution to their extraordinary problems. When it is not simplified and solutioned correctly, it is going to cost them much more than what it would have cost them hosting on premises. Few of them have unnecessary stigma to change, and try sticking to one cloud service provider, even without any strong reasons. While some of the concerns are correct, such as regional barriers for a service provider, some of the concerns can be handled easily, if planned and thought well.

We at MultiCloud4u, help businesses of all sizes and scale people to deal with these challenges of being frugal and smart, while choosing cloud technologies, vendors, SAAS and AI/ML based solutions.

MultiCloud4U and Alibaba Cloud

Our story with Alibaba Cloud, started back in late 2019, when we had to engage with multiple client requests, where they exclusively needed their solution to be hosted on Alibaba Cloud, influenced by multiple reasons.

When we started looking at consultants and technologists, working in Alibaba Cloud and alternate cloud platforms in India, we thought that Alibaba is a perfect fit for our concepts of frugality, smartness in choice of technology stacks and solutions.


For being a responsible Multi Cloud implementer, it would not be enough to just know a couple of Cloud implementations. It needs an in-depth expertise on multiple cloud platforms. Best implementations demand an expertise in multiple parameters. To name a few, it could be Cost vs Desire, Security vs Principle of selectivity, Volume vs Variety, Commonsense vs Extreme Engineering, Governance vs Policy paralysis, Regulatory vs Self driven Compliances and many more.

We started with a research on Alibaba Cloud as a platform and published our first whitepaper here

As a result of our analysis and our existing network of highly experienced Technologists in India and globally, we decided to launch a powerful mindset transformation campaign for the technologists working in the area of Multi Cloud, Alt Cloud, Data Sciences, AL/ML/AutoML solutions, Big Data, Blockchain etc to orient and train them on the best practices associated to this domain.

One of the major case studies in front of us was Alibaba Cloud as it supports almost all the aforementioned technology stacks, especially distributed technologies Big Data and Data Science. As these areas perfectly match with our key focus areas, we chose Alibaba Cloud, and started involving premium technologists, solution architects and program owners to interact.


Back in December, 2019, when we started with this journey, people used to join us in curiosity and same was for us as a speaker too. Over the course of time, we started diving deep into Alibaba distributed computing, Data and AI platforms. It gradually and organically became interesting for us as well as the community of our technologists.

Our journey started with a few people on WhatsApp group who shared their problems and we suggested them potential Alibaba solutions. Gradually, after gaining some initial traction, we started having dedicated Meetup group sessions.

Due to the popularity of our Meetup sessions on Alibaba Cloud, there was a huge demand on Streaming channel and live podcasts. We responded to it by starting dedicated Audio and Video streaming channels, a separate YouTube channel, Twitch and Facebook page.

At present, we stream daily sessions at 7PM-11PM IST on our self-hosted podcast channel, Live streaming on the Multicloud4u.com. Our audio and video streams on all these channels have been watched by an average of 800-1000 people per day. We feel proud to state that our direct and indirect followers across different channels have reached to 10,000 globally with an indirect reach of 1,00,000 plus since Dec 2019.

We expect the technologists to gain insight and efficiency from our efforts and optimize their engineering decisions.

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Alibaba Cloud MVP

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