Community Blog The 12th Class of Alibaba Cloud MVPs Officially Announced!

The 12th Class of Alibaba Cloud MVPs Officially Announced!

The results for the Spring 2020 batch of the Alibaba Cloud MVP program have been released and we are proud to announce the new batch of winners!

The results for the Spring 2020 class of the Alibaba Cloud MVP program have been released and we are proud to announce the new class of winners!


Time really flies here at Alibaba Cloud! We are once again at the juncture when we welcome some of the best minds of the industry into Alibaba Cloud MVP family and celebrate their technical contributions towards communities.

Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is an award given to the technical leaders in the community for their contributions towards helping others understand and adopt Alibaba Cloud technologies.

The Alibaba Cloud MVP Program has grown a lot in the past years and we managed to build a team of 400+ highly professional Alibaba Cloud advocates, the MVPs from around the globe. With the vision of continuous evolution through Sharing the Learning and Leading the Change, we would like to welcome 32 very talented individuals from 12 different countries and regions joining us as Most Valuable Professionals. These individuals have been shaping the future of Cloud Computing with Alibaba Cloud suite and we are looking forward to their greater contribution in future.

Let's meet our newly awarded MVP members:


Abin Abraham, Sr Software Consultant

Anjani Kumar, Founder at Multicloud4u

Ashok Kuikel, CEO at Onesourcecode Technology

Carlo L. Pantilano, Enterprise Solutions Architect at Crayon Software Experts Inc.

Cedric Rohou, CEO at Cloudy Mada

Estu Fardani, Independent DevOps Consultant

Kishan Miterani, Software Developer at Maharaja Creations

Manisha Malhotra, Professor at Chandigarh University

Marcus Chan Jun Hong, Software Engineer at Whale Cloud

Muaaz Bin Sarfaraz, Regional Business Analyst at Daraz

Rohit Rajak, Senior DevOps Engineer at Pactera Technologies

Sundaram Balasubramaniam, Solution Delivery Architect at Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd

Terao Eisaku, Solution Architect at SB Cloud Corp.

Terry Cheung, Managing Director at TopSOC Information Security Limited

Then Arifin, ITSS Analyst at Phillips 66

Tristan Riquier, Business Developer at Alterway

What Do Our MVP Members Have to Say About Cloud Computing and MVP?

"Cyber-attacks are on the rise, but some individuals and organizations fail to implement basic security practices and technologies especially on cloud. Let's work together to promote and build viable security solutions and increase the trust on Alibaba Cloud."

Terry Cheung, the MVP from Macau China, is Managing Director at TopSOC Information Security Limited.


"Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud computing are become an increasingly important and great demand as a must-have top skill today. Through Alibaba Cloud MVP program, it is not only I can enhance and understand fully the Cloud technical skill, but the most important I can also share the knowledge and help people worldwide to understand more the Cloud computing practically and theoretically and can proudly collaborate with Alibaba Cloud expert and community together bring innovation in cloud technology and service."

Then Arifin, the MVP from Singapore, is ITSS Analyst at Phillips 66.


"IT has brought disruption across various industry verticals bringing innovation and growth, using the MVP platform and this community I look forward to discussing ideas and contributing in the data analysis and automation field. Alibaba cloud has various products to offer and as MVP my interest in its data visualization components and advance analytics offerings."

Muaaz Bin Sarfaraz, the MVP from Pakistan, is Regional Business Analyst at Daraz.


Learn more about Alibaba Cloud MVP at https://mvp.alibabacloud.com.

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