Security Center

A unified security management system that identifies, analyzes, and notifies you of security threats in real time.

Comprehensive & Intelligent Safety Management

Powered by big data technology, Security Center provides protection from ransomware, various virus, web tampering. It supports compliance assessments to secure cloud and on-premises servers to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Being fully compatible with third party service providers, Security Center can reduce operations and maintenance costs associated with security management.

Powerful Technical Architecture

Powerful Technical Architecture

More than 250 big data based threat detection models, 6 virus scan engines, 7 WebShell engines, and 2 threat detection engines for cloud products are integrated into Security Center to detect threats.

10 Years of Experience in Security Best Practices

10 Years of Experience in Security Best Practices

Alibaba Group have accumulated more than 10-years experience in security defense. The cababilities of security center and other Alibaba Cloud security products have been used to ensure the security of Double 11, the world's largest online shopping promotion.

Simplify Asset Operations Management

Simplify Asset Operations Management

Manage assets and quickly address attacks and possible vulnerabilities and threats, all from the Security Center console.

Why Security Center

Unified Security Management

Threat Management for Your Entire Network
Security Center automatically collects various log data from your services on the cloud, and then implements control over found security threats.

Manage Server Guard on Different Platforms in One Console
Security Center is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and Debian.
○ Cross-platform: You can deploy this service on any Alibaba Cloud server, AntCloud server, or third-party server.
○ Centralized control: Regardless of the environment or region it is deployed in, you can view information and perform operations on the unified web console.

Proactive Defense

Anti-Virus and Anti-Extortion
Security Center supports the active detection and killing of mainstream ransomware, mining programs, backdoor programs, worm Trojans, malicious programs, DDoS Trojans, and Trojan programs.

Security Center prevents websites from being maliciously implanted with acts involving terrorism, politics, dark chains, Trojans, and backdoors, and ensures the normal operation of webpage information.

Automated Security Operations

Automation Attack Traceability
Security Center automatically traces the source and cause of an attack, helping users quickly understand the ins and outs of intrusion threats and quickly respond to decisions.

Custom Alerts
Security Center supports third-party security data migration to the cloud, as well as real-time analysis, association, and aggregation of massive logs.


Security Protection

Vulnerability Management and repair

Identify vulnerabilities of mainstream systems and software and support for one-click vulnerability repair.

Cloud Platform Configuration Assessment

Based on the security practice of the cloud platform, the cloud product capability is linked to form a security closed loop.

Baseline Risks

Reduce risks caused by improper configuration based on the best configuration checklist of Alibaba Cloud.

Proactive Defense

Anti-Extortion and Anti-Virus

Real-time interception of known ransomware, mining, worms, DDoS and another seven types of viruses.


Prevent your website from being hacked or controled, especially through acts of terrorism, dark chains or backdoors.

Application Control

Prevent the unauthorized use of your applications to maintain complete serviceability.

Threat detection

Automated Alarm Detection and Association

Security Center automatically associates alarms, identifies intrusions caused by low-risk anomalies to improve operational efficiency.

Custom Alerts

Security Center supports the real-time analysis and aggregation of third-party data on the cloud as well as custom alarm rules.

Security Overview

Security Center has a security screen, which functions as a dashboard that shows network security in terms of multiple dimensions and metrics.

Investigation and Response

Automation Attack Traceability

Security Center automatically traces the source and cause of an attack so that you can better understand intrusion threats and respond quickly to them.

Log Analysis and Audits

Provides log auditing and analysis capabilities, and provides a platform for attack tracing and compliance.

Asset Fingerprints

Security Center supports collecting such information as host ports, processes, software, and scheduled tasks.

Security Center Version Comparison

Details on how to purchase Security Center, refer to Purchase Security Center.

Features Anti-Virus Advanced Enterprise
Threat Prevention Cloud Platform Configuration Assessment
Vulnerability Management
Baseline Check
Proactive Defense Anti-Virus
Anti-Ransomware USD$ 0.54/GB/Year USD$ 0.54/GB/Year USD$ 0.54/GB/Year
Tamper Proofing USD$ 1,849.06/Sever/Year USD$ 1,849.06/Sever/Year USD$ 1,849.06/Sever/Year
Application Whitelist
Threat Detection Automated Alarm Analysis
Alerts Customization Beta
Security Trend Visualization USD$ 13,968.98/Year
Investigation & Response Log Analysis & Audit USD$ 943.40/T/Year USD$ 943.40/T/Year USD$ 943.40/T/Year
Automation Attack Traceability
Target Customer Customer need basic Anti-Virus function. Customers who need extra security capabilities like vulnerability management. Customers need comprehensive defense on workload and cloud platform, need pass compliance check.
Price USD$ 54/Server/Year USD$ 114/Server/Year USD$ 282/Server/Year

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