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FAQ about restoring data from a snapshot

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2018

Can I restore the data on a cloud disk to a status at a specific time without a snapshot?

No. Data recovery is based on snapshots at the backend. Data cannot be recovered without disk snapshots.

Is it possible to roll back a partition or partial data?

No. You can roll back the whole disk rather than a certain partition or directory.

Are the data disks affected by the rollback of the system disk?

No. Rollback of one cloud disk does not have effect on other disks.

Can I operate snapshot rollback after the system disk is changed?

No. After the system disk is changed, the old disk is released. Therefore, you cannot use its snapshot to restore the disk. However, you can use the snapshot to create a custom image or an ECS instance.

What can I do before operating rollback?

For the sake of data recovery or extraction, create a snapshot of your disk before you roll back it to a previous status.

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