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Short Message Service:What is Alibaba Cloud SMS?

Last Updated:Mar 28, 2023

Alibaba Cloud provides Short Message Service (SMS), a powerful messaging service that enables you to send messages to recipients in over 200 countries and regions worldwide. With Alibaba Cloud SMS, you have the flexibility to use our no code web interface, APIs, or SDKs to send messages instantly. Whether you need to send verification codes, notifications, or promotional messages, Alibaba Cloud SMS is a reliable and efficient way to communicate with your audience.


  • Efficiency and stability: Alibaba Cloud SMS is reliable and provides carrier-grade operation and maintenance (O&M), real-time monitoring, and global delivery capabilities, ensuring that messages are delivered promptly and with high-quality service.

  • Easy integration: Alibaba Cloud SMS provides software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) that are available in various programming languages, making it easy for developers to integrate SMS messaging into their applications and services.

  • High performance: Alibaba Cloud SMS supports intelligent scheduling and automatic channel switchover to ensure that messages are delivered with a high success rate, even during peak hours.

  • High concurrency: Alibaba Cloud SMS provides an AI algorithm to optimize workload scheduling during periods of high message volume, enabling businesses to send large numbers of messages efficiently and effectively.

For more information, see Benefits.




Text message

You can connect with customers worldwide effortlessly using Alibaba Cloud SMS, which allows you to send text messages by using APIs, SDKs, or the SMS console. Our platform supports all types of messages, such as verification codes, notifications, and promotional content.

Broadcast messaging

Alibaba Cloud SMS makes it easy to send multiple messages to recipients in over 200 countries and regions worldwide. You can enjoy seamless message delivery in our extensive network of connections, and benefit from the ability of our system to find the shortest delivery path for fast and reliable delivery every time.

Messaging insights

You can gain valuable insight into your message delivery with our SMS console:

  • Monitor SMS metrics, such as messaging campaigns and delivery trends, and easily query messaging records by delivery date, mobile phone number, destination country or region, or delivery status.

  • Keep track of your monthly bills, whether prepaid or postpaid, to stay on top of your expenses and optimize your messaging strategy.

Delivery frequency limit

You can limit message delivery frequency to optimize the customer experience and plan ahead for any big campaign by configuring delivery intervals. This feature is available for our enterprise users, allowing them to fine-tune their messaging strategy, maximize engagement with their audience, and mitigate scam risks.

Sender ID registration

You can easily register your sender ID using the Alibaba Cloud SMS console. For more information, see Register a sender ID and get started with personalized messaging for your business.


You can discover how Alibaba Cloud SMS will help you deliver the fastest messages, offer fraud protection, and personalize messaging. For more information, see Scenarios.