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Short Message Service:Terms

Last Updated:Mar 24, 2023

This topic describes the terms of Alibaba Cloud Short Message Service (SMS).



Short Message Service

Alibaba Cloud provides Short Message Service (SMS), a powerful messaging service that enables you to send messages to recipients in the Chinese mainland or in countries and regions outside the Chinese mainland. With Alibaba Cloud SMS, you have the flexibility to use our no code web interface, APIs, or SDKs to send messages instantly.

verification code

Verification codes are typically used in scenarios where the identity of the recipient needs to be verified, such as in app or website registration, two-factor authentication, password reset, payment verification, identity verification, and account binding. Verification codes can be sent in multiple languages.


Notifications are typically used in scenarios where you want to notify the recipient about important information, such as global notifications of orders, payments, delivery information, meetings, policies of public service sectors, and lifestyle services.

promotional message

Promotional messages are typically used in scenarios where you want to raise awareness about your products, such as new product advertising, member care, product promotion, event invitation, and cross-border marketing.

message template

A message template is a pre-designed message format that specifies the body of a message. Templates can include variables that are customizable. For instance, you can create templates for verification codes, notifications, and promotional messages, saving you time and effort when you send messages.

  • If you want to send messages to the Chinese mainland, you must first submit your message template for approval to ensure compliance with regulations. This step is necessary to avoid any potential messaging errors or regulatory violations.

  • Templates of promotional messages do not support variables.

SMS signature

Alibaba Cloud SMS provides easy-to-use signatures. When you send a message, Alibaba Cloud SMS attaches a signature to the message based on your settings, and then sends the message to the specified phone numbers.


If you need to send messages to the Chinese mainland, you must first submit your signature for approval.

sender ID

An alphanumeric sender ID is a custom, recognizable string consisting of any combination of letters and numbers that enables organizations to send one-way text messages to recipients. This allows for greater brand recognition, as the sender can use a company name, department, or government organization name as the sender ID.


In countries and regions that support dynamic sender IDs, organizations can register a sender ID. However, for countries and regions that do not support dynamic sender IDs, a default sender ID will be assigned to the organization.