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Short Message Service:Scenarios

Last Updated:Aug 15, 2023

This topic describes how Alibaba Cloud Short Message Service (SMS) will help you deliver the fastest messages, offer fraud protection, and personalize messaging.

Verification code

Alibaba Cloud SMS helps protect your customers, businesses, and organizations using SMS and helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Verification codes are also commonly used in scenarios where the identity of the recipient needs to be verified, such as app or website registration, two-factor authentication, password reset, payment verification, identity verification, account binding, and quick logon.


Alibaba Cloud SMS notifications serve an essential role in keeping customers informed about important updates and events related to their transactions or interactions. Businesses and organizations can ensure that their customers receive critical information in a timely and reliable manner. By using variables, such as customer names and order numbers, businesses can customize the content of their messages to provide personalized and relevant information to their customers.

Notifications are commonly used in scenarios where timely and accurate information needs to be delivered, such as service activation, price adjustment, order confirmation, delivery information, consumption confirmation, and payments.

Promotional message

Alibaba Cloud SMS can be used for businesses to send promotional messages to both existing and potential customers.

Whether it is for product promotion, marketing, new product advertising, or member care, you can reach a wider audience and increase product exposure, while also fostering customer engagement and loyalty.