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Simple Application Server:Billing overview

Last Updated:Mar 05, 2024

This topic describes the billable items, resource plans, renewal rules, refund rules, bill query, and resource usage query of simple application servers. This topic also describes the impacts of and solutions to server expiration and overdue payments. You can refer to this topic to quickly understand the billing of Simple Application Server.

Billable items

The following figure shows the billable items of simple application servers. adad45Description:

  • Resource plans: When you create simple application servers, you can purchase subscription resource plans. You must pay for the plan that you select when you create a simple application server.


    You are not charged for Simple Application Balancer, Simple Container Service, and Simple Database Service if you do not purchase these services.

  • Optional items:

    • Data disks: If you mount a data disk to your simple application server, you must pay for the data disk. The data disk supports only the subscription billing method. You are billed for the data disk based on its capacity (unit: GB) and usage duration.


      The data disk and the simple application server expire at the same time. The data disk is bound to the simple application server and cannot be unbound.

    • Excess data transfers: Each resource plan contains a data transfer quota. You are charged for data transfers that exceed the quota on a pay-as-you-go basis.

  • Related cloud services:

    If you use other Alibaba Cloud services to build websites on a simple application server, you must pay for these services. Examples:

    • Certificate Management Service: You can purchase the service to enable HTTPS access to your simple application server.

      Certificate Management Service provides free domain validation (DV) certificates and paid certificates of DV, organization validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV). For information about billable items of Certificate Management Service, see Billing overview.

    • Alibaba Cloud DNS: You can purchase an Alibaba Cloud DNS edition and use it to bind and resolve domain names.

      Alibaba Cloud DNS is available in free Personal Edition, and paid Personal Edition, Enterprise Standard Edition, and Enterprise Ultimate Edition. For more information, see Pricing.

    • Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN): You can activate CEN to implement service interconnection between simple application servers and other Alibaba Cloud services such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances and ApsaraDB databases that use the same virtual private cloud (VPC).

      In the Simple Application Server console, you can enable service interconnection. This way, your simple application server is interconnected with the services that belong to the same Alibaba Cloud account and reside in the same region as the simple application server. This feature is provided free of charge. If you want to connect your simple application server to services that belong to different Alibaba Cloud accounts or reside in different regions, you must perform relevant operations in the CEN console. You are charged for using service interconnection across regions. For more information, see Billing rules.

For more information, see Billable items.

Resource plan pricing

When you create simple application servers, you must purchase resource plans on a subscription basis. For more information, see Pricing of resource plans.

Expiration and overdue payments

When your simple application servers expire or you have overdue payments, you cannot access Simple Application Server. You can resume the access only after you renew your simple application servers. When a simple application server is about to expire or your account has an overdue payment, the system notifies you to renew the simple application server or top up your account at the earliest opportunity. This ensures your business continuity. For more information, see Expiration or overdue payments.

Renewal rules

A subscription simple application server automatically stops after it expires. If you want to continue using the server, you must renew it within the specified period of time. Otherwise, the server is automatically released. Snapshots and custom images that are created based on the server are also released and cannot be recovered. We recommend that you enable auto-renewal to reduce the management cost of manual renewal and prevent your business from being interrupted due to failure to manually renew the instance. For more information, see Upgrade and renew a simple application server.

Refund rules

When you purchase a subscription simple application server, you must pay for the resources in advance based on the subscription period. If you want to release the resources that are no longer required before they expire, submit a ticket.

Query of bills and resource usage

After you purchase and use simple application servers, you can view the bills and consumption details. For more information, see Query bills and resource usage.