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PolarDB:List of operations by function

Last Updated:Nov 30, 2023
This product(polardb/2017-08-01) OpenAPI adopts RPC Signature style. See signature details in Description of the signature mechanism. We have packaged SDKs for common programming languages for developers. Developers can directly call the OpenAPI of this product by downloading the SDK without paying attention to the technical details. If the existing SDK cannot meet the usage requirements, you can connect through the signature mechanism. It will take about 5 working days. Therefore, it is recommended to join our DingTalk service group (11370001915) and sign under the guidance of experts.
Before using the API, you need to prepare your identity account and access key (AccessKey) to effectively access the API through client tools (SDK, CLI, etc.). For details see getAccessKey.

Sales management

CreateStoragePlanCreateStoragePlanPurchases a storage plan.
DescribeAutoRenewAttributeDescribeAutoRenewAttributeQueries the auto-renewal attributes of a subscription PolarDB cluster.
DescribeDBClusterAvailableResourcesDescribeDBClusterAvailableResourcesQueries available resources in a PolarDB cluster.
EvaluateRegionResourceEvaluateRegionResourceEvaluates available resources.
ModifyAutoRenewAttributeModifyAutoRenewAttributeModifies the auto-renewal attributes of a subscription PolarDB cluster.
TransformDBClusterPayTypeTransformDBClusterPayTypeChanges the billing method of a PolarDB cluster.

Cluster management

CreateDBClusterCreateDBClusterCreates a PolarDB cluster.
DeleteDBClusterDeleteDBClusterReleases a pay-as-you-go PolarDB cluster.
DescribeDBClustersDescribeDBClustersQueries PolarDB clusters or the clusters that can be accessed by an authorized RAM user.
DescribeDBClusterAttributeDescribeDBClusterAttributeQueries information about a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeDBClusterServerlessConfDescribeDBClusterServerlessConfQueries the configurations of a serverless cluster.
DescribePolarSQLCollectorPolicyDescribePolarSQLCollectorPolicyQueries whether the SQL Explorer feature is enabled for the cluster.
DescribeRegionsDescribeRegionsQueries the regions and zones available for PolarDB.
DescribeTasksDescribeTasksQueries the details of the tasks that are generated by calling API operations. For example, you can call this operation to view the details of the task when you create a cluster.
ModifyDBClusterDescriptionModifyDBClusterDescriptionModifies the name of a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyDBClusterDeletionModifyDBClusterDeletionEnables or disables the cluster lock feature for a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyDBClusterMaintainTimeModifyDBClusterMaintainTimeChanges the routine maintenance window of a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyDBClusterServerlessConfModifyDBClusterServerlessConfModifies the configurations of a serverless cluster.
ModifyDBClusterStorageSpaceModifyDBClusterStorageSpaceModifies the storage capacity of a cluster of Cluster Edition (pay-as-you-go) or Standard Edition.
ManuallyStartDBClusterManuallyStartDBClusterManually starts a cluster.

High-availability deployment architecture

ModifyDBClusterPrimaryZoneModifyDBClusterPrimaryZoneSwitches the primary zone of a PolarDB cluster.
FailoverDBClusterFailoverDBClusterPerforms a manual failover to promote a read-only node to the primary node in a PolarDB cluster.

Engine versions management

DescribeDBClusterVersionDescribeDBClusterVersionQueries the information about the database engine version of a PolarDB for MySQL cluster.
UpgradeDBClusterVersionUpgradeDBClusterVersionUpdates the kernel version of a PolarDB for MySQL cluster.

Whitelist management

DescribeDBClusterAccessWhitelistDescribeDBClusterAccessWhitelistQueries the IP address whitelists and security groups of a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyDBClusterAccessWhitelistModifyDBClusterAccessWhitelistCreates or modifies the whitelists (IP whitelists and security groups) of a specified cluster.

Global IP whitelist template management

CreateGlobalSecurityIPGroupCreateGlobalSecurityIPGroupCreates a global IP whitelist template.
DeleteGlobalSecurityIPGroupDeleteGlobalSecurityIPGroupDeletes a global IP whitelist template.
DescribeGlobalSecurityIPGroupDescribeGlobalSecurityIPGroupQueries global IP whitelist templates.
DescribeGlobalSecurityIPGroupRelationDescribeGlobalSecurityIPGroupRelationQueries the relationship between a cluster and a global IP whitelist template.
ModifyGlobalSecurityIPGroupModifyGlobalSecurityIPGroupModifies an IP whitelist template.
ModifyGlobalSecurityIPGroupNameModifyGlobalSecurityIPGroupNameModifies the name of a global IP whitelist template.
ModifyGlobalSecurityIPGroupRelationModifyGlobalSecurityIPGroupRelationModifies the relationship between a cluster and a global IP whitelist template.

SSL encryption

DescribeDBClusterSSLDescribeDBClusterSSLQueries the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) settings of a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyDBClusterSSLModifyDBClusterSSLEnables or disables Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption or updates the Certificate Authorities (CA) certificate for a specified PolarDB cluster.


CheckKMSAuthorizedCheckKMSAuthorizedQueries whether the cluster is authorized to use Key Management Service (KMS).
DescribeDBClusterTDEDescribeDBClusterTDEQueries the Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) settings of a PolarDB for MySQL cluster.
DescribeUserEncryptionKeyListDescribeUserEncryptionKeyListQueries the list of custom keys for a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyDBClusterTDEModifyDBClusterTDEEnables the TDE feature or changes the encryption method for a specified PolarDB for MySQL cluster.

Node management

CreateDBNodesCreateDBNodesAdds a read-only node to a PolarDB cluster.
DeleteDBNodesDeleteDBNodesDeletes a read-only node from a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyDBNodeClassModifyDBNodeClassChanges the node specifications of a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyDBNodesClassModifyDBNodesClassChanges the node specifications of a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyDBNodeHotReplicaModeModifyDBNodeHotReplicaModeEnables or disables a cluster node.
RestartDBNodeRestartDBNodeRestarts a node in a PolarDB cluster.
TempModifyDBNodeTempModifyDBNodeTemporarily upgrades the configuration of a PolarDB cluster or adds one or more nodes to a cluster.

Cluster parameters management

CreateParameterGroupCreateParameterGroupCreates a parameter template.
DescribeDBClusterParametersDescribeDBClusterParametersQueries the parameters of a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeDBNodesParametersDescribeDBNodesParametersQueries the parameters of a specified node in a cluster.
DescribeParameterTemplatesDescribeParameterTemplatesQueries the default parameters in a cluster.
DescribeParameterGroupsDescribeParameterGroupsQueries parameter templates that are available in a specified region.
DescribeParameterGroupDescribeParameterGroupQueries the information about a parameter template.
DeleteParameterGroupDeleteParameterGroupDeletes a parameter template of a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyDBClusterAndNodesParametersModifyDBClusterAndNodesParametersModifies cluster parameters and applies them to specified nodes.
ModifyDBClusterParametersModifyDBClusterParametersModifies the parameters of a specified PolarDB cluster or applies existing parameter templates to a specified cluster.
ModifyDBNodesParametersModifyDBNodesParametersModifies the parameters of a node and applies them to specified nodes.

Connection points management

CreateDBClusterEndpointCreateDBClusterEndpointCreates a custom cluster endpoint for a PolarDB cluster.
CreateDBEndpointAddressCreateDBEndpointAddressCreates a public endpoint for the primary endpoint, the default cluster endpoint, or a custom cluster endpoint.
DescribeDBClusterEndpointsDescribeDBClusterEndpointsQueries the endpoints of a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyDBClusterEndpointModifyDBClusterEndpointModifies the attributes of a specified PolarDB cluster endpoint. For example, you can modify the following attributes for the specified cluster endpoint: read/write mode, consistency level, transaction splitting, primary node accepts read requests, and connection pool. You can also call the operation to specify whether newly added nodes are automatically associated with the specified cluster endpoint.
ModifyDBEndpointAddressModifyDBEndpointAddressModifies the endpoints of a PolarDB cluster, including the primary endpoint, default cluster endpoint, custom cluster endpoint, and private domain name.
DeleteDBClusterEndpointDeleteDBClusterEndpointReleases a custom cluster endpoint of a PolarDB cluster.
DeleteDBEndpointAddressDeleteDBEndpointAddressReleases the public endpoints of a PolarDB cluster, including the primary endpoint, default cluster endpoint, and custom cluster endpoint.

Logs management

DescribeSlowLogRecordsDescribeSlowLogRecordsQueries the details of the slow query logs of a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeSlowLogsDescribeSlowLogsQueries the statistics about the slow query logs of a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeDBClusterAuditLogCollectorDescribeDBClusterAuditLogCollectorEnables or disables SQL collector for a PolarDB cluster. The features related to SQL collector include Audit Logs and SQL Explorer.
ModifyDBClusterAuditLogCollectorModifyDBClusterAuditLogCollectorEnables or disables SQL collector for a PolarDB cluster. The features related to SQL collector include Audit Logs and SQL Explorer.

Account management

CreateAccountCreateAccountCreates a database account for a PolarDB cluster.
CheckAccountNameCheckAccountNameChecks whether an account name is valid or unique in a cluster.
DescribeAccountsDescribeAccountsQueries information about a database account of a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyAccountDescriptionModifyAccountDescriptionModifies the description of a database account of a PolarDB cluster.
GrantAccountPrivilegeGrantAccountPrivilegeGrants a standard account the permissions to access one or more databases in a specified PolarDB cluster.
RevokeAccountPrivilegeRevokeAccountPrivilegeRevokes the access permissions on one or more databases from a specified PolarDB standard account.
ResetAccountResetAccountResets the permissions of a privileged account for a PolarDB cluster.
DeleteAccountDeleteAccountDeletes a database account for a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyAccountPasswordModifyAccountPasswordChanges the password of a database account for a specified PolarDB cluster.

Database management

CreateDatabaseCreateDatabaseCreates a database for a PolarDB cluster.
DeleteDatabaseDeleteDatabaseDeletes a database from a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeDatabasesDescribeDatabasesQueries the information about databases in a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeCharacterSetNameDescribeCharacterSetNameQueries character sets that are supported by a PolarDB for MySQL cluster.
CheckDBNameCheckDBNameChecks whether a database name is valid or whether the name is already used by another database in the current cluster.
DescribeDBInitializeVariableDescribeDBInitializeVariableQueries the attributes that are supported by a PolarDB for PostgreSQL (Compatible with Oracle) cluster or a PolarDB for PostgreSQL cluster, such as the character sets and collations.
ModifyDBDescriptionModifyDBDescriptionModifies the description of a database in a PolarDB for MySQL cluster.

Global Database Network (GDN) management

CreateGlobalDatabaseNetworkCreateGlobalDatabaseNetworkCreates a global database network (GDN).
DeleteGlobalDatabaseNetworkDeleteGlobalDatabaseNetworkDeletes a global database network (GDN).
DescribeGlobalDatabaseNetworkDescribeGlobalDatabaseNetworkQueries the information about a Global Database Network (GDN).
DescribeGlobalDatabaseNetworksDescribeGlobalDatabaseNetworksQueries the information about all Global Database Networks (GDNs) that belong to an account.
ModifyGlobalDatabaseNetworkModifyGlobalDatabaseNetworkModifies a Global Database Network (GDN).
RemoveDBClusterFromGDNRemoveDBClusterFromGDNRemoves a secondary cluster from a GDN.
SwitchOverGlobalDatabaseNetworkSwitchOverGlobalDatabaseNetworkSwitches over the primary and secondary clusters in a global database network (GDN).
ResetGlobalDatabaseNetworkResetGlobalDatabaseNetworkRebuilds a secondary cluster in a Global Database Network (GDN).

Backup management

CreateBackupCreateBackupCreates a full snapshot backup for a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeBackupsDescribeBackupsQueries the backup details of a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeBackupTasksDescribeBackupTasksQueries the backup tasks of a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeBackupLogsDescribeBackupLogsQueries backup logs and the URLs to download the backup logs.
DescribeDetachedBackupsDescribeDetachedBackupsQueries the information about the backup sets in a released PolarDB cluster.
DescribeDBClustersWithBackupsDescribeDBClustersWithBackupsQueries the information about PolarDB clusters that contain backup sets in a region.
DeleteBackupDeleteBackupDeletes the backup sets of a PolarDB cluster.
Backup policyBackup policy
DescribeBackupPolicyDescribeBackupPolicyQueries the automatic backup policy of a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeLogBackupPolicyDescribeLogBackupPolicyQueries the retention policy of log backups in a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyBackupPolicyModifyBackupPolicyModifies the automatic backup policy of a PolarDB cluster.
ModifyLogBackupPolicyModifyLogBackupPolicyModifies the retention policy of the log backups in a PolarDB cluster.

Restore management

DescribeMetaListDescribeMetaListQueries the details of the databases or tables that can be restored.
RestoreTableRestoreTableRestores PolarDB databases and tables.

Data migration from RDS

DescribeDBClusterMigrationDescribeDBClusterMigrationQueries the migration status of PolarDB clusters.
ModifyDBClusterMigrationModifyDBClusterMigrationSwitches or rolls back the task that migrates data from ApsaraDB for RDS to PolarDB.
CloseDBClusterMigrationCloseDBClusterMigrationCancels or completes the migration task that upgrades an RDS cluster to a PolarDB cluster.

Tag management

TagResourcesTagResourcesAdds a tag to an instance.
UntagResourcesUntagResourcesUnbinds tags from PolarDB clusters.
ListTagResourcesListTagResourcesQueries the tags that are bound to one or more PolarDB clusters, or queries the PolarDB clusters to which one or more tags are bound.

Pending events management

DescribePendingMaintenanceActionDescribePendingMaintenanceActionQueries the information about a pending event.
DescribePendingMaintenanceActionsDescribePendingMaintenanceActionsQueries the numbers of pending events of different task types.
ModifyPendingMaintenanceActionModifyPendingMaintenanceActionModifies the switching time of a pending event.

Scheduled tasks management

DescribeScheduleTasksDescribeScheduleTasksQueries the details of all scheduled tasks.
CancelScheduleTasksCancelScheduleTasksCancels scheduled tasks that are not yet started.

Masking rules management

DescribeMaskingRulesDescribeMaskingRulesQueries the data masking rules of a PolarDB cluster or the information about a specified masking rule.
ModifyMaskingRulesModifyMaskingRulesModifies or adds a data masking rule.
DeleteMaskingRulesDeleteMaskingRulesDeletes a data masking rule.

Monitoring management

DescribeDBNodePerformanceDescribeDBNodePerformanceQueries the performance data of a node in a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeDBClusterPerformanceDescribeDBClusterPerformanceQueries the performance data of a PolarDB cluster.
DescribeDBProxyPerformanceDescribeDBProxyPerformanceQueries the performance data of PolarProxy.
DescribeDBClusterMonitorDescribeDBClusterMonitorQueries the interval at which the monitoring data of a PolarDB cluster is collected.
ModifyDBClusterMonitorModifyDBClusterMonitorModifies the interval at which the monitoring data of a PolarDB cluster is collected.

PolarDB for AI

DescribeAITaskStatusDescribeAITaskStatusQueries the state of the PolarDB for AI feature for a cluster.
OpenAITaskOpenAITaskEnables the PolarDB for AI feature for a cluster.
CloseAITask CloseAITaskDisables the PolarDB for AI feature for a cluster.


CreateDBLinkCreateDBLinkCreates a database link.
DeleteDBLinkDeleteDBLinkDeletes a database link from a PolarDB for PostgreSQL (Compatible with Oracle) cluster.
DescribeDBLinksDescribeDBLinksQueries the database links of a PolarDB for PostgreSQL (Compatible with Oracle) cluster.

Connection diagnosis

DescribeDBClusterConnectivityDescribeDBClusterConnectivityQueries whether the source IP address can access a cluster.