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ENS:List of operations by function

Last Updated:Apr 16, 2024
This product(Ens/2017-11-10) OpenAPI adopts RPC Signature style. See signature details in Description of the signature mechanism. We have packaged SDKs for common programming languages for developers. Developers can directly call the OpenAPI of this product by downloading the SDK without paying attention to the technical details. If the existing SDK cannot meet the usage requirements, you can connect through the signature mechanism. It will take about 5 working days. Therefore, it is recommended to join our DingTalk service group (11370001915) and sign under the guidance of experts.
Before using the API, you need to prepare your identity account and access key (AccessKey) to effectively access the API through client tools (SDK, CLI, etc.). For details see getAccessKey.


ReleaseInstanceReleaseInstanceReleases an instance.
RunInstancesRunInstancesCreates one or more pay-as-you-go or subscription Edge Node Service (ENS) instances.
CreateInstanceCreateInstanceCreates an instance.
ReleasePostPaidInstanceReleasePostPaidInstanceDeletes a pay-as-you-go instance.
ReleasePrePaidInstanceReleasePrePaidInstanceCall ReleasePrePaidInstance to delete a subscription instance.
RenewInstanceRenewInstanceRenews a subscription instance.
ReinitInstanceReinitInstanceResets an instance based on specific parameters.
ModifyInstanceAttributeModifyInstanceAttributeChanges the attributes of an instance, such as the name and the password.
ModifyPrepayInstanceSpecModifyPrepayInstanceSpecUpgrades or downgrades the instance type of a subscription Edge Node Service (ENS) instance. The new instance type takes effect for the remaining lifecycle of the instance.
ModifyInstanceAutoRenewAttributeModifyInstanceAutoRenewAttributeConfigures auto-renewal for instances.
AttachEnsInstancesAttachEnsInstancesAdds an Edge Node Service (ENS) instance to Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK).
RebootInstanceRebootInstanceReboots an instance.
StartInstanceStartInstanceStarts an instance.
StopInstanceStopInstanceStops an instance.
AddNetworkInterfaceToInstanceAddNetworkInterfaceToInstanceAdds an IPv6 network interface controller (NIC). A public IP address is automatically assigned at the same time.
DescribeAvailableResourceDescribeAvailableResourceQueries the resources that can be created.
DescribeInstancesDescribeInstancesQueries the details of one or more Edge Node Service (ENS) instances.
DescribeAvailableResourceInfoDescribeAvailableResourceInfoQueries the specifications of resources that you can purchase when you create an instance.
DescribeEnsNetSaleDistrictDescribeEnsNetSaleDistrictQueries the information about ISPs and number of ISPs in an area.
DescribeEnsNetLevelDescribeEnsNetLevelQueries the supported network levels.
DescribeBandWithdChargeTypeDescribeBandWithdChargeTypeQueries available bandwidth metering methods.
DescribeInstanceSpecDescribeInstanceSpecQueries the instance specifications that you can purchase.
DescribeEnsRegionIdIpv6InfoDescribeEnsRegionIdIpv6InfoQueries whether an edge node supports IPv6.
DescribeRegionIspsDescribeRegionIspsQueries information about the Internet service providers (ISPs) of edge nodes.
DescribeInstanceAutoRenewAttributeDescribeInstanceAutoRenewAttributeYou can call this operation to query whether auto-renewal is enabled for an instance.
DescribeInstanceMonitorDataDescribeInstanceMonitorDataQueries the vCPU and memory usage of an instance.
DescribeInstanceTypesDescribeInstanceTypesQueries the specifications of instance types.
DescribeInstanceVncUrlDescribeInstanceVncUrlQueries the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) URL of an Edge Node Service (ENS) instance.
DescribeCreatePrePaidInstanceResultDescribeCreatePrePaidInstanceResultQueries the results of creating an instance.


DeleteDiskDeleteDiskDeletes a disk.
ResetDiskResetDiskRolls back a disk by using a snapshot.
ResizeDiskResizeDiskResizes a pay-as-you-go disk that you purchase.
CreateDiskCreateDiskCreates a pay-as-you-go or subscription data disk.
DescribeDisksDescribeDisksQueries the information about one or more disks.
AttachDiskAttachDiskAttaches a disk to an Edge Node Service (ENS) instance.
DetachDiskDetachDiskDetaches a pay-as-you-go data disk or a system disk from an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance.
DescribeCloudDiskAvailableResourceInfoDescribeCloudDiskAvailableResourceInfoQueries the available resources in a region.
DescribeCloudDiskTypesDescribeCloudDiskTypesQueries the specifications of resources that you can purchase when you create an instance.
ReInitDiskReInitDiskInitializes a disk.


ModifySnapshotAttributeModifySnapshotAttributeModifies the information about a snapshot.
DescribeSnapshotsDescribeSnapshotsQueries information about snapshots.
DeleteSnapshotDeleteSnapshotDeletes a snapshot.
CreateSnapshotCreateSnapshotCreates a snapshot.
CopySnapshotCopySnapshotCopies a snapshot.


CreateImageCreateImageCreates an image from an instance.
ExportImageExportImageExports a custom image to an Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket in the same region.
DescribeSelfImagesDescribeSelfImagesQueries custom images.
DeleteImageDeleteImageDeletes a custom image.
ModifyImageAttributeModifyImageAttributeModifies the image attributes.
ModifyImageSharePermissionModifyImageSharePermissionShares or unshares an image.
DescribeImagesDescribeImagesQueries available images.
DescribeImageInfosDescribeImageInfosQueries available images.
DescribeImageSharePermissionDescribeImageSharePermissionQueries the accounts with which you share an image specified by the ImageId parameter.
DescribeExportImageStatusDescribeExportImageStatusQueries the export status of an image.
DescribeExportImageInfoDescribeExportImageInfoQueries the export result of an image.

SSH key pairs

CreateKeyPairCreateKeyPairCreates an SSH key pair.
DeleteKeyPairsDeleteKeyPairsDeletes SSH key pairs.
ImportKeyPairImportKeyPairImports the public key of a Rivest–Shamir–Adleman (RSA)-encrypted key pair that is generated by a third-party tool.
DescribeKeyPairsDescribeKeyPairsQueries one or more key pairs.

Security groups

RevokeSecurityGroupEgressRevokeSecurityGroupEgressDeletes an outbound security group rule. After the rule is deleted, the access control implemented by the rule is removed.
RevokeSecurityGroupRevokeSecurityGroupDeletes an inbound security group rule. After the rule is deleted, the access control implemented by the rule is removed.
CreateSecurityGroupCreateSecurityGroupCreates a security group.
AuthorizeSecurityGroupAuthorizeSecurityGroupCreates an inbound security group rule. This operation allows or denies the inbound traffic from other devices to instances in the security group.
JoinSecurityGroupJoinSecurityGroupAdds an Edge Node Service (ENS) instance to a specified security group.
AuthorizeSecurityGroupEgressAuthorizeSecurityGroupEgressCreates an outbound security group rule. This operation allows or denies the outbound traffic from the instances in the security group to other devices.
LeaveSecurityGroupLeaveSecurityGroupRemoves an instance from a security group.
DescribeSecurityGroupsDescribeSecurityGroupsQueries details about created security groups.
DeleteSecurityGroupDeleteSecurityGroupDeletes a security group.
DescribeSecurityGroupAttributeDescribeSecurityGroupAttributeQueries the rules of a security group.
ModifySecurityGroupAttributeModifySecurityGroupAttributeModifies the information about a security group.


CreateVSwitchCreateVSwitchCreates a vSwitch.
DeleteVSwitchDeleteVSwitchDeletes a vSwitch.
ModifyVSwitchAttributeModifyVSwitchAttributeModifies information about a vSwitch.
DescribeVSwitchesDescribeVSwitchesQueries information about available vSwitches.


CreateClassicNetworkCreateClassicNetworkCreates a classic network
DescribeNetworkInterfacesDescribeNetworkInterfacesQueries Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs).
DescribeEnsRouteEntryListDescribeEnsRouteEntryListQueries route entries.
DeleteEnsRouteEntryDeleteEnsRouteEntryDeletes a custom route entry.
CreateEnsRouteEntryCreateEnsRouteEntryCreates a custom route entry.
DeleteNetworkDeleteNetworkDeletes a virtual private cloud (VPC).
DescribeNetworksDescribeNetworksQuery the network list.
ModifyNetworkAttributeModifyNetworkAttributeModifies the network information.
DescribeNetworkAttributeDescribeNetworkAttributeQueries the configuration of a specified network.
CreateNetworkCreateNetworkCreates a virtual private cloud (VPC).


DescribeElbAvailableResourceInfoDescribeElbAvailableResourceInfoQueries the specifications of resources that you can purchase when you create an instance.
DescribeLoadBalancerSpecDescribeLoadBalancerSpecQueries the specifications of an Edge Load Balancer (ELB) instance.
CreateLoadBalancerCreateLoadBalancerCreates an Edge Load Balancer (ELB) instance.
ModifyLoadBalancerAttributeModifyLoadBalancerAttributeModifies the information about an Edge Load Balancer (ELB) instance.
SetLoadBalancerStatusSetLoadBalancerStatusModifies the status of an Edge Load Balancer (ELB) instance.
DescribeLoadBalancerAttributeDescribeLoadBalancerAttributeQueries detailed information about an Edge Load Balancer (ELB) instance.
DescribeLoadBalancersDescribeLoadBalancersQueries Edge Load Balancer (ELB) instances.
CreateLoadBalancerUDPListenerCreateLoadBalancerUDPListenerCreates a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) listener.
SetLoadBalancerUDPListenerAttributeSetLoadBalancerUDPListenerAttributeModifies the configurations of a UDP listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerUDPListenerAttributeDescribeLoadBalancerUDPListenerAttributeQueries the configuration of a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) listener.
CreateLoadBalancerTCPListenerCreateLoadBalancerTCPListenerCreates a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) listener.
SetLoadBalancerTCPListenerAttributeSetLoadBalancerTCPListenerAttributeModifies the configurations of a TCP listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerTCPListenerAttributeDescribeLoadBalancerTCPListenerAttributeQueries the configurations of a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) listener.
CreateLoadBalancerHTTPListenerCreateLoadBalancerHTTPListenerCreates an HTTP listener.
SetLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttributeSetLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttributeModifies the configurations of an HTTP listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttributeDescribeLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttributeQueries the configuration of an HTTP listener.
CreateLoadBalancerHTTPSListenerCreateLoadBalancerHTTPSListenerCreates an HTTPS listener.
SetLoadBalancerHTTPSListenerAttributeSetLoadBalancerHTTPSListenerAttributeModifies the configurations of an HTTPS listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerHTTPSListenerAttributeDescribeLoadBalancerHTTPSListenerAttributeQueries the configurations of an HTTPS listener.
StartLoadBalancerListenerStartLoadBalancerListenerEnables a listener.
StopLoadBalancerListenerStopLoadBalancerListenerDisables a listener.
DeleteLoadBalancerListenerDeleteLoadBalancerListenerDeletes a listener.
AddBackendServersAddBackendServersAdds backend servers.
RemoveBackendServersRemoveBackendServersRemoves backend servers.
SetBackendServersSetBackendServersSets the weights of backend servers.


AssociateEnsEipAddressAssociateEnsEipAddressAssociates an elastic IP address (EIP) with a cloud resource that is deployed in the same region.
UnAssociateEnsEipAddressUnAssociateEnsEipAddressDisassociates an elastic IP address (EIP) from an instance.
ModifyEnsEipAddressAttributeModifyEnsEipAddressAttributeModifies the name, description, and peak bandwidth of a specified elastic IP address (EIP).
DescribeEnsEipAddressesDescribeEnsEipAddressesQueries elastic IP addresses (EIPs).
DescribeEipAddressesDescribeEipAddressesQueries the properties of elastic IP addresses (EIPs).
CreateEipInstanceCreateEipInstanceApplies for an elastic IP address (EIP).

NAT gateways

CreateNatGatewayCreateNatGatewayCreates a network address translation (NAT) gateway.
DescribeNatGatewaysDescribeNatGatewaysQueries created Network Address Translation (NAT) gateways.
DeleteNatGatewayDeleteNatGatewayDeletes an Internet network address translation (NAT) gateway.
CreateSnatEntryCreateSnatEntryAdds a source network address translation (SNAT) entry to a specified SNAT table.
DescribeSnatAttributeDescribeSnatAttributeQueries the details of a specific source network address translation (SNAT) entry.
DescribeSnatTableEntriesDescribeSnatTableEntriesQueries source network address translation (SNAT) entries.
DeleteSnatEntryDeleteSnatEntryDeletes a source network address translation (SNAT) entry from a specified SNAT table.
StartSnatIpForSnatEntryStartSnatIpForSnatEntryStarts the elastic IP address (EIP) specified in a source network address translation (SNAT) entry.
DeleteSnatIpForSnatEntryDeleteSnatIpForSnatEntryDeletes an elastic IP address (EIP) from a source network address translation (SNAT) entry.
AddSnatIpForSnatEntryAddSnatIpForSnatEntryAdds an elastic IP address (EIP) to a Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) entry.
StopSnatIpForSnatEntryStopSnatIpForSnatEntryDisables an elastic IP address (EIP) in a source network address translation (SNAT) entry.
CreateForwardEntryCreateForwardEntryAdds a Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT) entry to a DNAT table.
DescribeForwardTableEntriesDescribeForwardTableEntriesQueries Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT) entries that you created.
ModifyForwardEntryModifyForwardEntryModifies a Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT) rule.
DeleteForwardEntryDeleteForwardEntryDeletes a Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT) entry from a specified DNAT table.

Network ACL

UnassociateNetworkAclUnassociateNetworkAclDisassociates a network access control list (ACL) from a network.
AccosicateNetworkAclAccosicateNetworkAclAssociates a network access control list (ACL) with a network.
CreateNetworkAclCreateNetworkAclCreates a network access control list (ACL).
DeleteNetworkAclEntryDeleteNetworkAclEntryDeletes a network access control list (ACL) rule.
DeleteNetworkAclDeleteNetworkAclDeletes a network access control list (ACL).
DescribeNetworkAclsDescribeNetworkAclsQueries network access control lists (ACLs).
CreateNetworkAclEntryCreateNetworkAclEntryCreates a network access control list (ACL) rule.

Secondary IP

AssignPrivateIpAddressesAssignPrivateIpAddressesAssigns secondary private IP addresses to an elastic network interface (ENI).
UnassignPrivateIpAddressesUnassignPrivateIpAddressesUnassigns secondary private IP addresses from an elastic network interface (ENI).

EOS collaborative storage

GetOssUsageDataGetOssUsageDataQueries the storage and bandwidth usage within a specific time range.
GetOssStorageAndAccByBucketsGetOssStorageAndAccByBucketsQueries the storage usage in the previous billing cycle and the cumulative number of calls in this month.
ListBucketsListBucketsQueries all buckets of a user.
PutBucketPutBucketCreates an EOS bucket.
GetBucketLifecycleGetBucketLifecycleQueries lifecycle rules.
PutBucketLifecyclePutBucketLifecycleConfigures lifecycle rules for objects.
DeleteBucketLifecycleDeleteBucketLifecycleDeletes the lifecycle rules for objects in a bucket.
PutBucketAclPutBucketAclModifies the access control list (ACL) of a bucket.
GetBucketAclGetBucketAclQueries the access control list (ACL) of a bucket.
ListObjectsListObjectsLists all objects in a bucket.
DeleteObjectDeleteObjectDeletes an object.

NAS collaborative storage

CreateFileSystemCreateFileSystemCreates a Network Attached Storage (NAS) file system.
DescribeFileSystemsDescribeFileSystemsQueries the information about file systems.
ModifyFileSystemModifyFileSystemModifies the description of a file system.
DeleteFileSystemDeleteFileSystemDeletes a Network Attached Storage (NAS) file system.
CreateMountTargetCreateMountTargetCreates a mount target.
DescribeMountTargetsDescribeMountTargetsQueries the information about mount targets.
DeleteMountTargetDeleteMountTargetDeletes a mount target.


ResetAICInstanceResetAICInstanceResets an Android in Container (AIC) instance.
UpgradeAICInstanceImageUpgradeAICInstanceImageUpdates the image of an Android in Container (AIC) instance.
RebootAICInstanceRebootAICInstanceRestarts an Android in Container (AIC) instance.
DescribeARMServerInstancesDescribeARMServerInstancesQueries information about ARM servers and Android in Container (AIC) instances.
RebootARMServerInstanceRebootARMServerInstanceReboots an Android in Container (AIC) server.
ReleaseARMServerInstanceReleaseARMServerInstanceReleases an ARM server.
CreateARMServerInstancesCreateARMServerInstancesCreates an ARM server.
RenewARMServerInstanceRenewARMServerInstanceRenews a subscription Android in Container (AIC) instance.
DescribeAICImagesDescribeAICImagesQueries information about images of the Android in Container (AIC) instance.
RecoverAICInstanceRecoverAICInstanceRecovers an Android in Container (AIC) instance on the server.
ReleaseAICInstanceReleaseAICInstanceReleases an Android in Container (AIC) instance from the server.

Edge App Hosting

RunServiceScheduleRunServiceScheduleSchedules the nearest idle resources including instances and pods for your device based on the user ID and IP address and initializes the virtual environment.
DescribeServcieScheduleDescribeServcieScheduleYou can call the DescribeServcieSchedule to query the real-time status of the instance device or container that is being occupied by the UUID.
RescaleDeviceServiceRescaleDeviceServiceScales out a bare metal device.
DescribeDeviceServiceDescribeDeviceServiceQueries the properties of instances and virtual devices in a specific edge application.
DescribeDataPushResultDescribeDataPushResultQueries the push status of application data files on Edge Node Service (ENS) nodes.
DescribeDataDownloadURLDescribeDataDownloadURLQueries the download URLs of application data on file servers and returns the file servers on which data is pushed.
DescribeDataDistResultDescribeDataDistResultQueries the distribution status of data files on edge instances of an application.
GetDeviceInternetPortGetDeviceInternetPortQueries the network address translation (NAT) rule details of a device such as a server or container by its ID.
DeleteDeviceInternetPortDeleteDeviceInternetPortDeletes Network Address Translation (NAT) rules for a server or container based on the ID.
AddDeviceInternetPortAddDeviceInternetPortConfigures Network Address Translation (NAT) rules for an instance. This operation is an asynchronous API operation. For more information about the configurations, see the API documentation of GetDeviceInternetPort.
RestartDeviceInstanceRestartDeviceInstanceRestarts applications deployed on an instance and returns the restart results in a synchronous manner.
ResetDeviceInstanceResetDeviceInstanceResets an instance including its image.
DescribeApplicationResourceSummaryDescribeApplicationResourceSummaryQueries the total quota of resources and the resource usage in different region levels. You can perform resource scale-out based on this information.
DistApplicationDataDistApplicationDataDistributes pushed data to the Edge Node Service (ENS) instances of the application. You can specify multiple canary release policies, decompress files, and restart containers.
CreateApplicationCreateApplicationCreates an edge application that allows you to manage Edge Node Service (ENS) nodes in containers, bare metal instances, and virtual machines.
DeleteApplicationDeleteApplicationReleases all containers and resource instances related to a specific application in an asynchronous manner.
ListApplicationsListApplicationsQueries the created applications.
DescribeApplicationDescribeApplicationQueries the basic properties, resources, and container status of an application.
UpgradeApplicationUpgradeApplicationUpdates the container in an asynchronous manner. You can configure multiple canary release policies.
RollbackApplicationRollbackApplicationRolls back the container version of a specific application.
RescaleApplicationRescaleApplicationScales resources in an asynchronous manner and deploys or releases the container.
PushApplicationDataPushApplicationDataPushes the business or service data of an application to file servers.


DescribeBandwitdhByInternetChargeTypeDescribeBandwitdhByInternetChargeTypeQueries the metering method for the bandwidth.
DescribeUserBandWidthDataDescribeUserBandWidthDataQueries the bandwidth that you use within a specified period of time.

Metering and billing

DescribeMeasurementDataDescribeMeasurementDataQueries the metering data of the user.
DescribePriceDescribePriceQueries the most recent price of an Edge Node Service (ENS) instance.
ExportBillDetailDataExportBillDetailDataExports billing details within a specific time range.
ExportMeasurementDataExportMeasurementDataExports the metering data within a specific time range.


DescribePrePaidInstanceStockDescribePrePaidInstanceStockQueries the specifications of resources that you can purchase.
DescribeReservedResourceDescribeReservedResourceQueries the specifications of resources that you can purchase.
CreateEnsServiceCreateEnsServiceCreates an edge service.
CreateEpnInstanceCreateEpnInstanceCreates an edge private network (EPN) instance.
DeleteEpnInstanceDeleteEpnInstanceDeletes an edge private network (EPN) instance.
DescribeEnsNetDistrictDescribeEnsNetDistrictQueries regions in which ENS resources can be created.
DescribeEnsRegionIdResourceDescribeEnsRegionIdResourceQueries node resources.
DescribeEnsRegionsDescribeEnsRegionsQueries the Edge Node Service (ENS) nodes that you can use.
DescribeEpnBandWidthDataDescribeEpnBandWidthDataQueries the EPN bandwidth usage.
DescribeEpnBandwitdhByInternetChargeTypeDescribeEpnBandwitdhByInternetChargeTypeQueries the metering method of the EPN bandwidth within a time period.
DescribeEpnInstanceAttributeDescribeEpnInstanceAttributeQueries networking information about an EPN instance.
DescribeEpnInstancesDescribeEpnInstancesQueries EPN instances.
DescribeEpnMeasurementDataDescribeEpnMeasurementDataQueries the metering data of the edge private network (EPN).
JoinPublicIpsToEpnInstanceJoinPublicIpsToEpnInstanceAssigns public IP addresses to an EPN instance.
JoinVSwitchesToEpnInstanceJoinVSwitchesToEpnInstanceFor internal connections, instances that are associated with a vSwitch automatically take effect. For public connections such as intelligent acceleration, you need to manually add the instances.
ModifyEpnInstanceModifyEpnInstanceModifies an Edge Private Network (EPN) instance.
RemovePublicIpsFromEpnInstanceRemovePublicIpsFromEpnInstanceRemoves IP addresses from an edge private network (EPN) instance.
RemoveVSwitchesFromEpnInstanceRemoveVSwitchesFromEpnInstanceDeletes the networking information. This operation is applicable only for instances that reside in the internal network.
StartEpnInstanceStartEpnInstanceStarts an edge network instance.
StopEpnInstanceStopEpnInstanceStops an EPN instance.
DescribeEnsResourceUsageDescribeEnsResourceUsageQueries the usage summary of ENS virtual machines (VMs), disks, and networks.
CreateSDGCreateSDGCreates a shared data group (SDG) by using a specific device.
DeleteSDGDeleteSDGDeletes a shared data group (SDG).
RemoveSDGRemoveSDGRemoves shared data groups (SDGs) that are deployed on instances.
DeploySDGDeploySDGDeploys shared data groups (SDGs).
CopySDGCopySDGCopies a shared data group (SDG) across nodes.
SaveSDGSaveSDGSaves the disk of a specific device as a shared data group (SDG).
DescribeSDGsDescribeSDGsQueries information about created shared data groups (SDGs).
DescribeSDGDeploymentStatusDescribeSDGDeploymentStatusQueries the deployment status of the shared data group (SDG).
ModifyInstanceChargeTypeModifyInstanceChargeTypeChanges the billing method of Edge Node Service (ENS) instances. You can switch between the pay-as-you-go and subscription billing methods for instances. You can also change the billing method for disks that you created with pay-as-you-go instances to subscription.