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Last Updated:Mar 12, 2024

Creates an edge private network (EPN) instance.


OpenAPI Explorer automatically calculates the signature value. For your convenience, we recommend that you call this operation in OpenAPI Explorer.

Authorization information

There is currently no authorization information disclosed in the API.

Request parameters


The type of the EPN instance. Set the value to EdgeToEdge.


The name of the EPN instance.

test EPNInstanceName

The billing method for network usage. Valid values:

  • BandwidthByDay: Pay by daily peak bandwidth.
  • 95BandwidthByMonth: Pay by monthly 95th percentile bandwidth.
  • PayByBandwidth4thMonth: Pay by monthly fourth peak bandwidth.
  • PayByBandwidth: Pay by fixed bandwidth.

You can specify only one metering method for network usage and cannot overwrite the existing metering method.


The networking mode. Valid values:

  • SpeedUp: intelligent acceleration network (Internet)
  • Connection: internal network
  • SpeedUpAndConnection: intelligent acceleration network and internal network

The maximum outbound public bandwidth. Unit: Mbit/s. Valid values: 1 to 100.


Response parameters


The ID of the EPN instance.


The request ID.



Sample success responses


  "EPNInstanceId": "epn-xxxxx",
  "RequestId": "CEF72CEB-54B6-4AE8-B225-F876FF7BA984"

Error codes

HTTP status codeError codeError messageDescription
400StockNotEnoughThe specified instance type has insufficient resource.-
400UserNotExistThe specified user is not authroized to perform this operation.-
400MissingParameterThe input parameter that is mandatory for processing this request is not supplied.-
400InstanceIdNotFoundThe input parameter instancdId that is not found.-
400NoPermissionPermission denied.-
400InvalidParameterThe input parameter is Invalid.-
400StockNotEnoughThe specified configuration is unavailable. Reconfigure and try again.-
400InvalidParameter.%sThe specified field %s invalid. Please check it again.-
400InvalidParameterThe errorMessage is %s. Please check it again.-
400StockNotEnoughThe specified EnsRegionId is unavailable. Reconfigure and try again.-
400StockNotEnoughThe specified InstanceSpec is unavailable. Reconfigure and try again.-
400InvalidDiskSize.ValueNotSupportedThe specified disk capacity is invalid. Specify another capacity and try again.-
400InvalidParameter.BandwidthThe specified parameter InternetChargeType is not valid.-
400StockNotEnoughThe specified node has insufficient resource.-
400InvalidParameter.ImageThe specified image does not support.-
400StockNotEnoughYou have reached the purchase default limit.-
400InvalidParameter.InstanceTypeThe specified parameter InstanceType is not valid.-
400InvalidAccountStatus.NotEnoughBalanceYour account does not have enough balance.-
400unsupported_Ipv6FeatureThis ensregion does not support creating instance of the IPv6 type. Select another type.-
400Forbidden.CreateInstanceThe user is not in the Goods whitelist of creating instance interface.-
400ENS_OperationUnsupported_KeyPairNameThe KeyPairNameis not available or image not support ssh key.-
400ENS_DependencyViolation_WindowsInstanceThe instance creating is window, only user password to login.-
400ENS_PASSWORDORKEYPAIRNAME_MODULE_NOT_CHOOSENThe required module pwd or keyPairName is not inputed-
400MissingParameterThe input parameter %s that is mandatory for processing this request is not supplied.-
400InvalidPrivateIpAddressSpecified private IP address is not in the CIDR block of virtual switch.-
400InvalidVSwitchId.NotFoundSpecified virtual switch does not exist.-
400InvalidPrivateIpAddress.DuplicatedSpecified private IP address is duplicated.-
400CallInterfaceCall Interface Happen Error.An error occurred when you call the operation.

For a list of error codes, visit the Service error codes.

Change history

Change timeSummary of changesOperation
2023-12-26API Description Update. The Error code has changedsee changesets
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API DescriptionAPI Description Update.
Error CodesThe Error code has changed.
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