This topic describes the billable items, billing methods, billing-related operations, and billing FAQ of Alibaba Cloud E-MapReduce (EMR). The billing-related operations include billing method switching, renewal, handling of overdue payments, bill viewing, and refunding.

Item Description References
Billable items EMR has multiple billable items. You can learn the billable items and the formulas that are used to calculate fees from the references. Billable items
Billing methods EMR supports the subscription and pay-as-you-go billing methods. You can obtain information about the billing methods from the references.
Billing method switching If the billing method of an existing EMR cluster cannot meet your business requirements, you can switch the billing method. You can switch the billing method only from pay-as-you-go to subscription. Switch from pay-as-you-go to subscription
Renewal After a subscription EMR cluster expires, the running of the cluster is affected.

If you want to continue using the cluster, you can manually renew the cluster or enable auto-renewal for the cluster before the cluster is released. If you renew a cluster, both the Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances and EMR service of the cluster are renewed.

Renewal policy
Handling of overdue payments If you have an overdue payment for a pay-as-you-go cluster, the system sends you a notification. If you want to continue using your cluster, you must settle your overdue payment in a timely manner. Overdue payments
Refunding Refunding is supported. You can request a refund for your cluster based on refunding rules and methods. Refund policy
Bill viewing If you have questions about the billing of your EMR clusters, you can view your bills and billing details. View bills
Billing FAQ If you have questions about the billing of EMR clusters when you purchase an EMR cluster, follow the instructions in the references. Billing FAQ