Data Map allows you to query APIs that are created in all workspaces within your Alibaba Cloud account. This helps you find the specified APIs in a quick manner.

Go to the All Data page to query APIs

  1. Log on to the DataWorks console and go to the DataMap page. For more information, see Go to the homepage.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click All Data.
  3. Click the API tab above the search box.

Query an API

  1. Enter keywords such as the ID, path, name, and description of the API that you want to query in the search box.
    After you enter the keywords, the top 10 APIs that match the keywords are displayed in the drop-down list. Query an API
  2. If you cannot find the specified API from the drop-down list, click the Search icon. Then, all the APIs that match the keywords are displayed in the search results.
    Query an API
  3. On the left side of the page, you can filter APIs by setting the API Type, Workspace, and Owner parameters.
    Filter APIs by setting filter conditions
  4. After you find the required API, you can click the name of the API to go to the details page of the API. For more information, see View the details of a table.