DataService Studio aims to build a data service bus to help enterprises centrally manage private and public APIs. DataService Studio allows you to quickly create APIs based on data tables and register existing APIs with the DataService Studio platform for centralized management and release. In addition, DataService Studio is connected to API Gateway. You can deploy APIs to API Gateway with one-click. DataService Studio works together with API Gateway to provide a secure, stable, low-cost, and easy-to-use data sharing service.

DataService Studio adopts the serverless architecture. All you need to care is the query logic of APIs, instead of the infrastructure such as the running environment. DataService Studio prepares the computing resources for you, supports elastic scaling, and requires zero O&M cost.

Creation of data APIs

DataService Studio currently supports the use of the visualized wizard to quickly create data APIs based on tables of the relational database and NoSQL database. You can configure a data API in several minutes without writing codes. To meet the personalized query requirements of advanced users, DataService Studio provides the custom SQL script mode to allow you compile the API query SQL statements by yourself. It also supports multi-table association, complex query conditions, and aggregate functions.

API registration

DataService Studio also supports centralized management of the existing API services that you register with DataService Studio and the APIs created based on data tables. Currently only RESTful APIs can be registered. Supported request methods include GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. Supported data types include forms, JSON data, and XML data.

API gateway

API Gateway provides API management services, including API publish, management, and maintenance, and API subscription duration management. It provides you with a simple, fast, low-cost, and low-risk method to implement microservice aggregation, frontend-backend isolation, and system integration, and opens functions and data to partners and developers.

DataService Studio has been connected to API Gateway. You can deploy any APIs created and registered in DataService Studio to API Gateway for management, such as API authorization and authentication, traffic control, and metering.

API Market

The Ali cloud API market is the most comprehensive API trading market in China, covering finance, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, transportation geography, Living Services, corporate management and the eight main categories of public affairs, thousands of API products have been sold online.

After your APIs from DataService Studio have been published to API Gateway, you can then publish them to Alibaba Cloud API Marketplace. This is an easy way to achieve financial gains for your company.