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DataWorks:Create and manage business processes

Last Updated:Jan 15, 2024

DataService Studio develops APIs by business process. DataService Studio also organizes and manages APIs, functions, and workflows based on business processes. Before you can create an API, you must create a business process. This topic describes how to create and manage business processes.


The API Gateway service is activated, and an API group is created.

Background information

DataWorks allows you to organize different types of resources in a business process. This helps you analyze data by business. Each business process contains APIs, functions, and workflows.

Create a business process

  1. Go to the DataService Studio page.

    Log on to the DataWorks console. In the left-side navigation pane, click DataService Studio. On the page that appears, select the desired workspace from the drop-down list and click Go to DataService Studio.

  2. In the Service Development pane, move the pointer over the image.png icon and select Create Business Process.

  3. In the Create Business Process dialog box, configure the parameters.





    The name of the business process.

    • The name must be unique in the workspace to which the business process belongs.

    • The name can contain letters, digits, and underscores (_).

    • The name must start with a letter.

    • The name must be 4 to 50 characters in length.

    API Group

    The API group to which the APIs in the business process belong. An API group is the unit of API management in API Gateway. Each API group maps an API product in Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.

    You can create an API group in the API Gateway console.


    The description of the business process, which can be up to 180 characters in length.

  4. Click OK.

    After the business process is created, you can view it in the business process list.

Modify a business process

  1. In the Service Development panel, right-click the business process that you want to modify and select Modify attributes.


  2. In the Edit business process dialog box, modify the Name and Description parameters based on your requirements.



    You cannot modify the Creator or API Group parameter of a business process.

  3. Click OK.

Delete a business process

  1. In the Service Development panel, right-click the business process that you want to delete and select Delete.


  2. In the Notes message, click OK.

    • You can delete only business processes that do not contain objects such as folders, APIs, functions, or workflows.

    • If you want to delete a business process that contains such objects, delete the objects before you delete the business process.