This topic describes how to activate Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch.


Before you purchase Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch, make sure that you have completed the following tasks:


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud International site.
  2. Select Products > Analytics & Big Data, and then click Elasticsearch.

  3. Click Buy Now, set the parameters on the buy page, and then click Buy Now.

    For more information about the parameters, see Buy page.

  4. On the Confirm Order page, confirm the instance information, select the check box to agree with the terms of service, and then click Activate.

  5. After the service is activated, click Console to log on to the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch console.
  6. You can then view the purchased Elasticsearch instance in the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch console. Wait for the instance to be activated.

    When the status of the instance changes to Active, the instance is activated. You can then use the Elasticsearch instance to perform Elasticsearch access testing, configure Elasticsearch features, import data, and query data.

    Before you import data to the activated Elasticsearch instance, you must manually create indexes and mappings. For example, if you import data to the instance while the system is automatically creating mappings, the created mappings may not be able to meet your requirements and an error may occur.

    To avoid this issue, Elasticsearch disables the auto indexing feature by default. Therefore, you must create indexes and mappings before you import data to the instance.

    If you must use the auto indexing feature, go to the Cluster Configuration page in the Elasticsearch console, enable the auto indexing feature under YML Configuration, and then restart the instance to apply the change.