After creating a bucket, you can upload objects of any type to the bucket.

Before you begin:

You must create a bucket before uploading objects to it. For more information, see Create a bucket.

About this task:

You can upload objects in the following methods:

  • Upload objects smaller than 5 GB in the OSS console.
  • Upload objects larger than 5 GB in the multipart upload method by using OSS SDK or API. For more information, see Multipart upload.
  • Use the graphical tool ossbrowser to upload objects. For more information, see ossbrowser.


  1. Log on to the OSS console.
  2. In the left-side bucket list, click the bucket that you want to upload objects to.
  3. In the overview page of the bucket, click the Files tab.
  4. Click Upload.
    Note You can upload a file to a specified folder or to a default folder. You can select Create a folder before clicking Upload to upload the file to a specified folder. You can also directly click Upload to upload a file to a default OSS folder.
  5. In the Upload dialog box, set the folder where you want to upload objects to in Upload To.
    • Current: Objects are uploaded to the current folder.
    • Specified: Objects are uploaded to the specified folder. You must enter the name of the specified folder. OSS automatically creates the specified folder and uploads the object to it automatically
      Note For more information about folders, see Create a folder.
  6. Select the ACL for the object to be uploaded in File ACL. You can select one of the following four ACLs, in which Inherited from Bucket is the default ACL.
    • Inherited from Bucket: The ACL for the object is the same as the ACL for the bucket.
    • Private: Only authorized users can access the object.
    • Public Read: All users (including anonymous users) can read the object. Only authorized users can write the object.
    • Public Read/Write: All users can read and write the object.

    For more information about ACL, see Change object ACL.

  7. Drag one or multiple objects that you want to upload to the Upload area, or click click here to upload to select the objects that you want to upload.
    • If the name of the object that you want to upload is the same as that of an existing object, the existing object is overwritten.
    • Do not refresh or close the upload page when objects are being uploaded. Otherwise, the upload tasks are interrupted and the upload object list is cleared.