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Upgrade Operation Management

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2019


If your current resource consumption plan is insufficient, you can upgrade a specified instance and only need to pay the price difference.

Note: Function Compute (subscription) does not support down-grading.

Calculate the upgrade cost

Price of an upgraded order = Remaining instance duration (accurate to seconds) x (Number of new CUs - Number of old CUs) x Price per second (price of 1 CU*s)

Example: If you purchase 10 CUs for one month at 15:00 on August 15, 2019, the expiration time will be 00:00:00 on September 16, 2019 and the lifecycle is 31 days and 9 hours. If you upgrade the instance to 15 CUs after using the instance for n hours, you need to pay for the extra 5 CUs in the remaining lifecycle. The amount to be paid is calculated as follows: USD (31 x 24 + 9 - n) x 3600 x (15 - 10) x 12.16/30/24/3600.

Procedure for upgrade

  • Log on to the Function Compute console. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Resource Center. On the Resource Center page, locate the row that contains the target instance and click Upgrade in the Action column in the Purchased Resources list.1

  • The Upgrade page shows the current configuration and expiration time of an instance. When changing the configuration, you can only set the number of CUs to a value larger than the current value. Click Function Compute (Subscription) Agreement of Service in the lower-right corner, and then click Pay.2

  • Click Billing Center. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Orders. On the Orders page, check whether the order that you created is in the order list. As shown in the following figure, the type of the first order is upgraded, which is the order generated for the upgrade.

  • Find the upgraded order and click Details in the Action column. On the page shown in the following figure, you can view the details of the order, including the payment history, instance ID, configuration details, and lifecycle of the order.