"BP Tapera needed a cloud platform partner to support its IT infrastructure with high-standard SLAs to support its service experience requirements. It also needed a provider with local data centers to comply with Indonesia regulations."

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About BP Tapera

The Public Housing Savings Management Agency (BP Tapera) is a public legal entity in Indonesia that was formed and mandated by law to manage public housing savings. BP Tapera serves all working classes in Indonesia, starting from government employees, and in stages, expanding to state-owned/region-owned/village-owned enterprises’ employees, armed forces, police, private companies’ employees and informal workers.


BP Tapera was looking for a solution to run its core applications and non-core applications on top of a cloud platform. Since its inception, BP Tapera wanted to deliver an exceptional customer experience, therefore the ability of the cloud platform to deliver flexible capacity with high SLAs (service level agreement) became its top priority. The system would initially serve more than 4 million users and eventually serve more than 50 million users at a later stage. From a regulatory point of view, BP Tapera is a quasi-government organization that is obliged to comply with regulations, including the mandate of using in-country data centers (data center should reside within Indonesian territory).

Business Objective

BP Tapera's objective is to collect and provide low cost, long term, and sustainable funding to be used to finance housing, with end goal of providing decent and affordable housing particularly for low income workers. In its first stage, BP Tapera will serve more than 4 million government employees across Indonesia.

Why Alibaba Cloud

BP Tapera needed a cloud platform partner to support its IT infrastructure with following capabilities: • Ability to provide not only cloud platform but also service and support partners. • Complete solution stack to meet application requirements. • Data center that resides in Indonesia to comply with Indonesia regulations. • High-standard service level agreements to support its service experience requirements.


BP Tapera utilizes Kubernetes to deliver its online application, which serves millions of users. For the said purpose, BP Tapera chose Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes because Alibaba Cloud is able to provide a flexible and automatically scalable Kubernetes platform. With Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes, BP Tapera is able to meet dynamic user requests and at the same time gain efficiency in infrastructure usage, such as auto scale-down when traffic is low and auto scale-up when traffic increases. Moreover, BP Tapera also utilizes Alibaba Direct Mail service to communicate with its users. The e-mail platform is also used for many other purposes, such as for action notification and periodic user information. As part of BP Tapera's operating model, it needed to perform information exchange with its partners particularly through API. To enable secure and reliable connection both through public and private networks, BP Tapera uses Alibaba Cloud Express Connect. To support its non-stop operations, BP Tapera makes use of the CloudMonitor platform provided by Alibaba Cloud. The monitoring platform gives BP Tapera the ability to gain a better view of the infrastructure provisioned as well as its ongoing utilization.

Looking Forward

BP Tapera would like to expand the use of cloud platform to further support the growth of its users as well as the growth of its enterprise systems.