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Corporate IT departments used to stick to their workstations because of a lack of alternatives. But with the emergence of mobile computing, employees no longer need to restrict themselves to their cubicles. Users have the flexibility to switch between a desktop, tablet, and smartphone – anytime and anywhere. There are however drawbacks, and managing enterprise mobility can at times seem like a minefield. Challenges include security issues and low network connectivity, as well as privacy and legal issues.


Alibaba Cloud Mobile Solutions provide vital security intelligence to help organizations holistically protect applications, inherent data, and corresponding infrastructure from probable attacks. With its broad range of fully managed cloud services, you can utilize various services including storage, security, content delivery acceleration, and machine learning in your application without any need to manage backend infrastructure.

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Reduced Development Costs

Optimized mobile app operations using data analytics

Targeted Mobile Marketing

User behavior analysis through Big Data and Machine Learning

High Speed
Accelerated Content Delivery

Systematic performance monitoring system with CDN

Low Latency
Enhanced Mobile Security

Robust security vulnerabilities detection and protection

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A general purpose, fully managed, multi-tenancy data processing platform for large-scale data warehousing.

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A secure environment for offline data development, with powerful Open APIs, to create an ecosystem for redevelopment.

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Alibaba Cloud CDN

A scalable and high-performance content delivery service for accelerated distribution of content to users across the globe.

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ApsaraDB for RDS

An on-demand database hosting service for MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

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