Cloud Bursting

Scale your IT infrastructure, on the cloud, with a virtually unlimited storage and computing capacity

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Alibaba Cloud Bursting solution ensures workloads can seamlessly move over to public cloud from private cloud/on-premise infrastructure, coping with unexpected and sudden spikes in demand. It also allows organizations to bring the workloads back to the private cloud/on-premise infrastructure when the workload decreases.

Solution Architecture

For this architecture, Express Connect or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides connection between the customer environment and the Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The complexity of cloud bursting lies in selecting and setting up tiered load balancers between the on-premise and cloud environments. When the load for the on-premise infrastructure is low, using an Nginx or HAProxy, a single node load balancer is sufficient to handle load-balancing needs. However, as the load increases beyond the level of handling for a single Nginx node, a load balancer is used to support clustering such as an LVS or F5 reverse-proxy node to direct the traffic to Server Load Balancer.


  • Business continuity
  • Flexible architecture
  • Tiered load balancers
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