Alibaba Cloud Express Connect helps you build private network communication channels between VPCs or between a VPC and your local IDC. These channels feature increased network topology flexibility and enhanced cross-network communication quality and security. Express Connect also helps you avoid unstable network quality, and prevents data theft during transmission.


Express Connect provides the following functions:
  • Physical connection

    You can use a leased line from your service provider to establish a physical connection from your local IDC to an Alibaba Cloud access point. After the physical connection is established, you can create a Virtual Border Router (VBR) to connect your local IDC with Alibaba Cloud to build hybrid clouds.

    As a private network connection, the physical connection does not pass through the Internet. Compared with traditional Internet connections, the physical connection is safer, faster, more reliable, and has less latency.

  • VPC interconnection

    You can create a peering connection to build an intranet communication channel between two VPCs.


The benefits of Express Connect are as follows:
  • High-speed intercommunication

    Powered by the network virtualization technology of Alibaba Cloud, Express Connect can connect different network environments so that both ends can directly communicate with each other through the intranet without going through the Internet. Even when both ends are far apart from each other, intranet communications can provide low latency and high bandwidth.

  • Stability and reliability

    Built on the state-of-the-art infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud, Express Connect ensures stable and reliable communication between networks.

  • Security

    Express Connect implements cross-network communication at the network virtualization layer, where all data is transmitted through the infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud and tenants are isolated from each other. This eliminates the risk of data theft during transmission.

  • Pay-As-You-Go billing

    Express Connect provides different bandwidth specifications. You can purchase resources based on your service needs in Pay-As-You-Go billing mode to minimize your costs.