I need a solution for China

I'm running a cross-border business and China is one of my target markets. As my business is not eligible to apply for an ICP License and host a website in Mainland China, I need a fast and easy alternative.

Service the China market immediately without needing a physical office in Mainland China
Launch first in Hong Kong and expand into Mainland China after you obtain an ICP License
Host in Hong Kong to ensure high availability and low latency for end-users in China

Hong Kong Web Hosting Package

Set up a cross-border website in Hong Kong with a one-stop solution!

Set up a website in just 5 minutes with the Hong Kong Web Hosting Package. Package includes cloud web hosting, domain registration, DNS, web application development image and data transfer.

Fast Speed Network

Alibaba Cloud’s high-quality network ensures fast access for online visitors in and outside of China.

No Delay

By choosing to deploy in Hong Kong you do not need to wait and apply for an ICP License. Also, if you later obtain an ICP license, you can conveniently deploy instances within Mainland China from the same Alibaba Cloud account.

One-stop Website Setup

Configure your domain registration and DNS during the purchase process, and set up your website with a wide selection of website builders. The entire process is simple and easy to follow – even if you don’t have an advanced background in IT.

Website Support

Alibaba Cloud offers free Anti-DDoS and CloudMonitor products to protect your website from malicious attacks. Our team is also on-call to provide professional and rapid support to solve any problems.

Package includes the following products:

  • Elastic Cloud Server
    With dedicated IP address
    Multi-regions available
  • Domain
    .com/.net domains available
  • Alibaba Cloud DNS Service
    Automatic setup after server purchase
  • Monthly Data Transfer Plan
    512GB to 2TB per month (12 months)
  • Web Application Image
    WordPress, Magento, LAMP & LEMP

5 Step Process

Register an Alibaba Cloud account
Set up your website
Launch your online business!

More Information

If you plan to set up or you already have a registered company in Mainland China, click here to see how you can apply for an ICP License.
Watch a how-to video to learn how to set up a website on Wordpress
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