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Why Switch to Alibaba Cloud? Seven Excellent Reasons from Our Customers

In this post, we introduce some of our customers based in Indonesia, each of which has recently migrated to Alibaba Cloud to find digital success.

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Cloud adoption rates are soaring as organizations continue to develop and launch new digital initiatives. But how can you find the right cloud provider for your business?

In this post, we introduce some of our customers based in Indonesia, each of which has recently migrated to Alibaba Cloud to find digital success. Here are the reasons they worked (and continue to work) with us.

Reason #1: A Cost-Effective Solution

International airline Garuda Indonesia currently operates 202 aircraft and more than 600 flights every day. The company realized cost savings of more than 60% when it migrated its core operational applications to Alibaba Cloud

According to Indonesian FinTech Akulaku, Alibaba Cloud also offers more cost-effective all-round IaaS and PaaS solutions for the Indonesian market.

The agility of the cloud helps businesses realize such extensive cost savings. Solutions like Auto Scaling, for example automatically match your resources to demand. So, you only pay for what you use – and your service levels are guaranteed.

Cloud computing is especially cost-efficient and operationally effective during promotional campaigns. By using Alibaba Cloud Container for Kubernetes (ACK), leading digital wallet provider DANA could easily auto-scale its resources and support large traffic volumes.

Plus, our subscription and pay-as-you-go payment models give organizations the opportunity to choose the best billing option for your business.

Reason #2: Established Industry Solutions

Alibaba Cloud is an established cloud provider with a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions. Our Global Network operates in 67 availability zones in 22 regions around the world. We are the #1 cloud service provider in Asia Pacific and in China and ranked #3 in the world.

We also have a strong track record of high performance and reliability. Over the last decade, the world’s largest online shopping event, 11.11 Global Shopping Festival has used our data intelligence technologies to support a record-breaking 544,000 transactions per second at the event’s peak.

We also have a range of partners and collaborators, including Ant Finance, a business unit within the Alibaba Group. Established use cases from Ant Finance helped Akulaku explore and redefine its data analytics roadmaps. As a result, Akulaku could build individual credit ratings and risk management models.

Reason #3: World-Class Provider with Strong Local Presence

While Alibaba Cloud is a global cloud provider, we also have a strong local presence in multiple markets. Indonesia is no exception. We have local data centers located in Jakarta and local partners, to help us seamlessly migrate our customers to the cloud and meet compliance requirements.

When Garuda Indonesia decided to migrate its core operational applications to Alibaba Cloud, for example, we worked with local partners to expedite the process and reduce the risks to the business. Working together, the company migrated more than 85 Virtual Machines and three databases to Alibaba Cloud within two weeks, with minimal business disruption.

Reason #4: Data security and compliance

Data security and protection are key challenges and the comprehensive range of Alibaba Cloud Security Solutions provide businesses with a robust set of cybersecurity measures.

With local data centers located in Jakarta, Akulaku could store data including its transactions, orders and customer profiles, which helped the company meet its compliance requirements. We also provided Akulaku with a robust range of network, data, server and application security solutions.

Localization is critical for Akulaku and DANA. Previously, these organizations hosted their IT infrastructures in Singapore. By moving their architectures to Indonesia, both companies gained compliance in the country.

We also help businesses comply with the relevant regulations. For example, we helped Garuda Indonesia to comply with regulations including PP 71/2019, ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and get GDPR ready.

Reason #5: Fast Migration

If you want to migrate to the cloud, you want minimal disruption to your business. At Alibaba Cloud, we have a proven track record in this space thanks to our comprehensive Migration Service.

Migration often happens in a matter of weeks, when you work with Alibaba Cloud. For example, Garuda Indonesia completed its migration within two weeks in the middle of lockdown where all the team was working remotely. Another customer, coffee retailer Kopi Kenangan, migrated its application in just one week without any disruption to its business operations.

During the pandemic, FinTech business DANA also expanded further into hospitality with DANA Food, and launched EAZY Eats, a food-ordering service that was entirely built on Alibaba Cloud, within just 12 weeks.

Reason #6: Improved Network Latency

Your network capabilities are strongly tied to your end user experience and wider business. Without a robust network, your organization could struggle to thrive and survive in today’s competitive online markets.

This is where Alibaba Cloud can help across a range of network issues.

Garuda Indonesia, for example, reduced its network latency by almost 20% with Alibaba Cloud, compared to its previous provider.

Our other customers also realized similar results, improving their end user experience. Akulaku found our network optimizes its resource capacity, backup and recovery to ensure business continuity. DANA reduced network latency across its IT teams, partners and consumers.

Reason #7: Innovation Available on Demand

Alibaba Cloud is an industry leader and continues to push its own business models to achieve the best results for its customers.

For example, we recently worked with Investree, a leading B2B marketplace in Indonesia, transforming its monolithic and on-premises architecture into an agile and on-cloud microservices offering. By switching to microservices, Investree locked extensive business agility and reduced its release cycles.

Kopi Kenangan also built a real-time data warehouse using Alibaba Cloud’s AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL, PolarDB, and DataWorks solutions. As a result, Kopi Kenangan reinforced its business intelligence capabilities and streamlined its decision-making processes.

Alibaba Cloud works with a range of businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of cloud-based products and services. We can help you setup, launch and succeed in any region around the world. To find out more about our recent successes, download Best Practices of Cloud Adoption in Indonesia whitepaper today.

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