Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Accelerates Malaysia’s 2050 Carbon Neutrality Aspiration with Proven Technology and Sustainability Solution

Alibaba Cloud Accelerates Malaysia’s 2050 Carbon Neutrality Aspiration with Proven Technology and Sustainability Solution

Local businesses from asset management to manufacturing and internet companies have chosen Alibaba Cloud’s Energy Expert to help achieve their sustainability goal.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 22, 2023 – Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group announced that it has supported a number of businesses across various industries from Asset Management, Manufacture to Internet in Malaysia to achieve their sustainability goal with its sustainability and carbon management platform, Energy Expert, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. This underscores the global cloud leader’s commitment to accelerating Malaysia’s 2050 aspiration towards a carbon-neutral nation through its proven technologies and advanced solutions。

The AI-powered Energy Expert is a sustainability solution that helps enterprises measure, analyse, manage and reduce carbon emissions resulting from day-to-day business activity. By leveraging advanced cloud-based technology, the collaborations among Alibaba Cloud and local enterprises in Malaysia are set to accelerate business innovation by means of paving the way for sustainable growth and enable local enterprises to manage their carbon neutrality plans and implement energy-efficient, carbon-reducing schemes to achieve sustainable development through data intelligence and AI technologies.

“Cloud-powered technology innovation is the foundation for building a sustainable business. As a trusted cloud leader in the region, it is our top priority to share our proven technologies and expertise in carbon management and sustainability with local industry players and to support the national agenda in building a sustainable future while becoming an energy-efficient and climate-resilient nation.” said Kun Huang, General Manager of Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Adoption of green innovative technology to accelerate sustainability goals

Nationwide customers in Malaysia are leveraging Alibaba Cloud's Energy Experts solutions throughout their sustainability journey to improve on carbon reduction and achieve carbon neutrality, including:

Malaysian’s leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions company UEM Edgenta Bhd’s digital ecosystem platform, Edgenta NXT, has adopted Energy Expert to digitally transform Edgenta's business process from manually collecting information and calculating carbon emissions to automating the overall process by means of using the SaaS platform, which also provides a carbon emissions certification service.

“We are committed to delivering maximum positive impact while creating long-term value for our stakeholders. Sustainability and responsible management are not new practices at UEM Edgenta, and we have been practicing these in various forms of our day-to-day work operations and the services we offer to our clients. We are one of the leaders in the market in delivering Sustainability Programs and Energy Performance Solutions, thus the solutions from Alibaba Cloud will provide us with the platform we need to further accelerate UEM Edgenta’s sustainability ambitions and targets” said Yong Howe Chua, Chief Digital Officer of UEM Edgenta.

Coming from the manufacturing industry, with its expanded product portfolio of disposable hygiene products, coupled with the core business of providing polyethylene packaging solutions, Malaysia’s home-grown manufacturer Hond Tat Industries Sdn Bhd sees it as vital to give its customers more clarity on the carbon footprint reduction from its manufacturing activities.

“With over 40 years of industry presence in the manufacturing of PE film for Personal Care industries, we take environmental protection seriously and constantly strive to produce more sustainable products. Proven and innovative solutions such as Energy Expert provides user-friendly carbon footprint management tools to help manufacturers like us to complete product carbon footprint accounting which also improves our decision-making process when it comes to sustainability”, said Teoh Khye Jiat, Marketing Director of Hond Tat Industries Sdn Bhd.

There are more sustainability stories from Malaysia’s leading ICT solutions providers and integrators Mesiniaga and VSTECS Berhad.

“Mesiniaga recognises the potential impact its business activities may have on surrounding communities and the environment. With the transparent carbon neutrality path management vested in Energy Expert, it will further enhance our carbon reduction strategies and promote good environmental practices across the supply chain, where practicable”, said Datuk Wan Mohamed Fusil, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Mesiniaga.

“As one of the leading ICT distributors in Malaysia, we play an important role in the ecosystem for consumers and corporations to access the benefits and opportunities created by technology. By leveraging the AI-powered sustainability solution by Alibaba Cloud, it will help us to identify, evaluate and manage environmental impacts arising from our business operations more efficiently hence creating larger impacts in our business community”, said Foo Lek Choong, Chief Information Officer of VSTECS Berhad.

Energy Expert has helped more than 2,000 enterprises save energy or reduce carbon emissions since its launch in February 2022. It can save over 2 million kilowatt-hours of energy daily in total when deployed at full.

As an infrastructure provider for a green economy, Alibaba Cloud has been committed to taking the lead to achieve Scope 3 carbon neutrality by 2030. Alibaba Cloud is also committing to powering its cloud computing with 100% clean energy no later than 2030.

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