Community Blog Driving Innovation Across Sectors: Alibaba Cloud's Pivotal Role in Malaysia's Industrial Digital Transformation

Driving Innovation Across Sectors: Alibaba Cloud's Pivotal Role in Malaysia's Industrial Digital Transformation

Diverse businesses benefit as Alibaba Cloud catalyses digital transformations across a spectrum of industries in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 15, 2023 — Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, announced it has supported a multitude of Malaysian businesses from a wide range of industries, ranging from logistics, automobile to financial services in 2023 for their digitalisation efforts.

By partnering with Alibaba Cloud, enterprises and public institutions in Malaysia have seen streamlined logistics, innovative financial services and enhanced digital capabilities across various sectors. Alibaba Cloud's cutting-edge technologies have played a pivotal role in optimising operations, improving customer experiences, and ensuring a competitive edge in the evolving digital landscape for these businesses.

"It brings us great satisfaction to witness the transformative impact our advanced technologies have had on businesses in Malaysia. Through strategic collaborations and innovative solutions, we are driving a paradigm shift towards digital excellence. Our commitment to empowering Malaysian enterprises is unwavering, and we look forward to continuing this journey of co-creating a digitally resilient and globally competitive business landscape." said Kun Huang, General Manager of Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Innovating Public Services

Alibaba Cloud made headways into East Malaysia in 2023 with two customers from the public service sector namely, Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC) and SAINS, exemplifying its commitment to supporting organisations in the region.

Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC), a statutory body fully owned by the Sabah State Government has extended its collaboration leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s Enterprise Mobile Application Studio (EMAS) Superapp solution.

The solution has allowed SCC to consolidate all three applications - YONO Finance (SCC’s core financing app), Sabah Pay, and YONOPay (consumers’ e-wallet) - under this platform into a single mobile touchpoint, called YONO. This has effectively enabled SCC to reduce technical obstacles and speed up time-to-market for its Super App development, collaborate with third-party partners seamlessly to create mini-apps, and efficiently manage mini-app lifecycles at minimal cost through centralised app management.

Sarawak Information Systems (SAINS), on the other hand, embraced Alibaba Cloud's entrance into East Malaysia as a catalyst for its digital evolution. SAINS, a leading ICT Systems Integrator and Solutions Provider in Sarawak, launched its groundbreaking Private Cloud—a highly secure solution powered by Alibaba Cloud, marking the first private cloud program of its kind in Malaysia for Alibaba Cloud.

This implementation of the solution has enhanced SAINS' service reliability, significantly reducing Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and ensuring minimal downtime in the event of a failure or disaster.

Powering the Automotive Sector through Homegrown Institution

Agmo Holdings Berhad, a homegrown digital solutions specialist in Malaysia, partnered with Alibaba Cloud to pioneer the Agmo Electric Vehicle (“EV”) Super App earlier this year.

This innovative Super App offers users a comprehensive platform to seamlessly manage and optimise their electric vehicle experiences. From real-time monitoring of charging status to personalised energy consumption insights, it has redefined the user interface for electric vehicle enthusiasts, setting a new standard for the integration of smart technologies in the automotive sector.

The collaboration highlights the synergies between local expertise and global technology prowess, positioning the Agmo EV Super App as a trailblazer in the future of sustainable and connected mobility solutions.

Digitalizing the Financial Industry

One notable highlight for Alibaba Cloud this year is its support for the Financial Services Industries (FSI) from banking, insurance, securities, and fintech to digitalise their operations.

Alibaba Cloud solutions and offerings are designed to support every stage of an FSI’s digital journey and provide easy access to cutting-edge cloud-native technology. This is in line with the Malaysian governmenagret’s latest Financial Sector Blueprint 2022-2026, as a catalyst for Malaysia's Digital transformation in general and a booster for financial innovation and economic transformation.

Alibaba Cloud's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions play a crucial role in supporting Malacca Securities' M+ Global App – a digital trading platform that empowers Malaysians to navigate dynamic global markets. Through this collaboration, Malacca Securities empowers users with a user-friendly and well-connected trading experience, making informed decisions in the dynamic global market landscape.

Alibaba Cloud's financial service solutions have already made significant contributions to nationwide customers in Malaysia, including Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and Touch'n Go Digital. The adoption of these solutions ensures compliance with robust security standards for Financial Services Institutions (FSIs).

Driving Digitalisation within the Logistics Industry

Alibaba Cloud has elevated the performance of the local logistics industry as shown by the success stories of EasyParcel and Global Track.

EasyParcel, a one-stop delivery service booking platform, has witnessed a remarkable enhancement in its delivery operations, thanks to Alibaba Cloud's cutting-edge AI technologies. The optimisation of delivery routes and the improvement in overall logistics efficiency have resulted in a seamless experience for EasyParcel's customers.

On a parallel front, Global Track, Malaysia’s smart logistics system service provider, has successfully implemented its real-time tracking systems leveraging Alibaba Cloud's AI-driven capabilities to provide unprecedented visibility into the movement and security of transported goods. This not only ensures a more secure supply chain but also empowers businesses with valuable data insights for optimising their operations.

These success stories serve as powerful testaments to Alibaba Cloud’s ability to merge global technological expertise with local innovation, reinforcing the company's commitment to creating a digitally resilient business landscape in Malaysia, and fostering efficiency, innovation, and enhanced customer experiences across various sectors.

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