Community Blog Watch How Alibaba Cloud’s Tongyi Wanxiang Creates Images

Watch How Alibaba Cloud’s Tongyi Wanxiang Creates Images

In this article, we will take a look at how Alibaba Cloud’s generative AI model Tongyi Wanxiang creates images.

In this video, we will show how the generative AI model, whose name means ‘tens of thousands of images’ in Mandarin, is adept at handling a wide range of tasks.

Tongyi Wanxiang responds to text prompts in Mandarin and English to generate detailed images in an array of mediums and styles from watercolors, oils and Chinese paintings to animation, sketches, and 3D cartoons.

The model can also transform any image into a new one with a different style through the style transfer function, which preserves the content of the original image while applying the visual style of another picture.

This article was originally published on Alizila, written by Di Wu.

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