Community Blog Special for Indonesia: The Top 10 New Products from Alibaba Cloud

Special for Indonesia: The Top 10 New Products from Alibaba Cloud

Here are the top 10 new products that we introduced to Indonesian region in 2020.

written by: Jessie Yu, Senior Product Lead - Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud keeps rising the bar with introducing new products into the market, and continued enhancement of functions/features.

In a nutshell, there is a solid focus on container strategy, big data/analytics and hybrid cloud capabilities, which is in line with what customers are looking for including simplified operation, do more with data and hybrid deployment model.

Category Product
Security Bastionhost
Network BYIP
Compute Simple Application Server
Compute Service Mesh
Compute Serverless Workflow
Database Cassandra
Database Hbase
Big Data Data Lake Analysis
Middleware MQ Kafka
Hybrid Cloud Hybrid Storage Array

Here are some explanations about the top 10 new products that we introduced to Indonesian region in 2020:

The Bastion host is an instance which builds and manages the access control, security audit and authentication of the access to a private network from an external network such as the Internet. It is particularly useful during COVID-19 period when most IT/tech teams are working from home, especially for companies that don’t run VPN. Bastionhost helps security specialists centralizes the management of all the access of cloud servers from external networks and provides a secure connection to the VPC resources. It supports up to 5,000 cloud servers.

BYIP is a networking feature that in high demand in Indonesia. It allows customers to use the same range of Public IP address when they move their applications on Alibaba Cloud.

Simple Application Server
It is an all-in-one and entry-level cloud package which provides sever, database and network. It well suits the needs of SME and individuals who look for developing websites in a simplified and cost-effective manner. It starts from US$3.5 per month.

Service Mesh
Service Mesh is one of the critical tools for customers who are running application in microservice architecture, and it is now available in Alibaba Cloud! It is a fully managed platform that manages the traffic of microservice applications in a unified manner. It is compatible with Istio, supports unified traffic management across multiple Kubernetes clusters, and provides consistent communication control for containerized applications and applications that run on virtual machines. It is free of charge.

Serverless Workflow
On top of Function Compute- the serverless compute platform, Alibaba Cloud released a new product - Serverless Workflow, which allows developers to manage high-latency background tasks without worrying about server maintenance and provision.

Cassandra is a well-known NoSQL database which can quickly store massive amounts of unstructured data with extreme performance and high fault tolerance. It is fully compatible with open-source edition. It perfectly works when you need rapid growth of your database in the development of messaging systems, e-commerce websites, and real-time sensor data.

Hbase is another frequently used NoSQL database. Compared with its open-source counterpart, ApsaraDB for HBase is highly optimized, all the way down to the kernel, with superior read/write performance, disaster recovery capabilities, storage efficiency, and response latency. HBase’s use cases consist of online log analytics, write-heavy applications, and apps that need a large volume, such as social media apps.

Data Lake Analytics (DLA)
Data Lake Analytics is a big data analytics service that running on severless architecture. It comes with built-in ETL capabilities and supports multiple data sources including OSS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL(Table Store), etc.

MQ Kafka
A fully-managed messaging service to help you quickly ingest a large amount of data and build data pipelines for your big data analytics. It facilitates inter-service communication while preserving ultra-low latency and fault tolerance. Hence it works perfectly in microservice architecture.

Hybrid Storage Array
It is available in Indonesia now! Hybrid Storage Array is an enterprise-level storage array that integrates with the Alibaba Cloud storage gateway. You can access and manage cloud storage resources (blocks, files, and objects) just as you would with local storage. It helps you save up to 30% of hardware and software costs and up to 20% cloud storage cost.

You can directly check the products and get on 1-on-1 consultation with our sales support to assist you with variety of topics related our product and solution. You can contact us now!

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