Community Blog Unveiling Kubernetes: The Power of Possibilities, Accelerate Modernization and Become Future Fit with Cloud-Native

Unveiling Kubernetes: The Power of Possibilities, Accelerate Modernization and Become Future Fit with Cloud-Native

When discussing Kubernetes, it’s common for people to associate it with terms like Containers, DevOps, and Cloud Native.

by M. Rifandy Zulvan, Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud Indonesia


When discussing Kubernetes, it’s common for people to associate it with terms like Containers, DevOps, and Cloud Native. These concepts are very attached to Kubernetes concepts, highlighting its role in modern software development and deployment.

Containers, DevOps, and Cloud Native are intrinsically linked to Kubernetes, because Kubernetes facilitates the management and orchestration of containerized applications, ensuring scalability and efficiency. In the realm of DevOps, it bridges the gap between development and operations, promoting continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). And Kubernetes utilizing all cloud computing capabilities, such as highly scalable, easy maintenance, and on-demand.

Back in January, Alibaba Cloud Indonesia held Cloud Fighters meet up with Alibaba Cloud Indonesia Tech Ecosystem community members to introduce high level of Alibaba Cloud capabilities on providing cloud native solutions including Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK).

ACK is Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes cluster solutions, that have high scale-up scalability, high integration with Alibaba others services, and it’s cost-effective. ACK provides various types of clusters to suit different scenarios and needs, such as standard-managed, professional-managed, and serverless, each clusters type detail is described as below.

  • ACK Dedicated Kubernetes Clusters is a basic Kubernetes cluster solution. This clusters are suitable for users who want to create and manage their own worker nodes, which mean customers have to manage their own Kubernetes master nodes and worker nodes by their own.
  • ACK Pro Managed Kubernetes Cluster is for customer who want to focus more on their application side and not managing the Kubernetes master node. For ACK Pro cluster, Alibaba Cloud will manage both master and worker nodes for customers.
  • ACK Serverless Kubernetes (ASK) Cluster is ideal for customers who do not want to deal with any nodes and only pay for the container resources they use. ACK Serverless clusters can significantly reduce your maintenance costs. This allows customers to focus on application development.

ASK cluster is based on Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance (ECI) which is different with ACK Dedicated Cluster and ACK Pro Cluster that are based on Alibaba Cloud ECS. The figure in below shows the architecture comparison between ACK and ASK.


Despite the difference, these 2 types of clusters can be integrated to build a Hybrid node and nodeless Kubernetes Cluster that can increase customers infrastructure scalability.


Alibaba Cloud’s Cloud Native solutions is not only on Kubernetes Cluster, Alibaba Cloud have surrounding Cloud Native environment that can support and utilize Kubernetes Cluster more efficiently. Other Cloud Native solutions that Alibaba Cloud able to provide are:

  • Application Realtime Monitoring Service (ARMS)
    Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) is an application performance management (APM) service that is based on Prometheus and Grafana. It monitors service calls, database queries, and system loads in ACK environments. With end-to-end tracing analysis, ARMS implements comprehensive monitoring and optimization for application performance.
  • Simple Log Service (SLS)
    Simple Log Service (SLS) is Alibaba Cloud cloud-native observability and analytics platform designed to handle various types of data, including logs, metrics, and traces. It offers real-time processing, large-scale capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. With SLS, enterprises can collect, transform, query, analyze, visualize, ship, and consume data, improving their digital operations and performance.
  • Alibaba Cloud Container Registry
    Alibaba Cloud Container Registry (ACR) is a service to manage and distribute containerized application. It simplifies image lifecycle management, offering secure image hosting, stable build creation across global regions, and easy permission management. ACR supports various cluster types and seamlessly integrates with other cloud services for Docker-based continuous integration and deliver (CI/CD).
  • ASM Service Mesh
    Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (ASM) is a fully managed service mesh platform that is compatible with Istio. It simplifies the management of microservice applications by providing consistent traffic shaping, security, and observability across heterogeneous environments. ASM integrates seamlessly with Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) and Alibaba Cloud’s network connection and security capabilities.
  • Security Center
    Security Center provide a reliability security solution to protect customer server from outside threat. Security Center also provides a container image scan solution, to check the vulnerabilities from customers customer images, it can be integrated with Alibaba Cloud Container Registry (ACR) and also can be used for customer CI/CD pipeline to prevent a vulnerabilities container deployed on customers productions environment.

Alibaba Cloud is one of the market leaders for Kubernetes and Cloud Native solutions. We have already become a Platinum Member for Cloud Native Computing Foundation. As part of our knowledge sharing, we have shown our capability in Kubernetes and Cloud Native during our tech meetup session.

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