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Create @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC) Indonesia

Are you a tech startup? A digital transformer? Here's your chance to connect with key business leaders and VC's from around the world at CACSC!

First held in 2015, Create @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest is Alibaba Group's largest start-up contest created for the best entrepreneurs in the field of technology. This year, a series of city-level battle will take place in selected countries. Two of the most promising and innovative start-ups from each city will be chosen to compete in the World Finals in China. This is a great opportunity to meet popular media outlets, venture capital investors, and top-level partners from all around the world. Join us now!

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Eligibility Criteria

Industry Scope

You must be an established a startup within 5 years (annual turnover of not more than 150 million) in line with the direction of science and technology, focusing on the two major industries of new retail and Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIOT).

Investment Round

Your funding must be before Series A rounds (including no investment, seed wheel, angel wheel, Pre-A wheel, A-round).

Other Considerations

Your products must comply with the relevant rules of application upload and sell, and the project participants to have independent intellectual property rights.


  • Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIOT)
  • New Retail

Prizes for International Division Champion

  • First round of interviews and communication recommendation rights of Ali Investment.
  • Free cloud product usage resources provided by Alibaba Cloud of up to USD $10,000.

    1. Top winner per category: USD $10,000 cloud credits
    2. Rest of the 4 finalists per category: USD $5,000 cloud credits
  • A round-trip ticket to the global finals.
  • Receive a comprehensive, ultimate training before the global finals.
  • Receive a training from well-known domestic investors.
  • Priority to enter the Alibaba Cloud MVP green channel.
  • Priority to enter the Ali AI track star class interview green channel.

Important Dates

1 Aug: Open for submission

30 Sep: Closing date for submissions

17 Oct: Pitching in The Westin Jakarta

End Nov: Grand Finals in Hangzhou

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Pitching Information

  • Conducted in English
  • 5 mins presentation + 5 mins Q&A
  • Email your pitch deck to claudine.ang@alibaba-inc.com

Selection Criteria

  • Creativity and application of new technology
  • Competitiveness of the solution
  • Market potential, revenue
  • Background of team, founder
  • Quality of presentation/pitch


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The Create @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC) was first held in 2015, as a series of contests for global entrepreneurs sponsored by the Alibaba Group. This is a competition among the best startup entrepreneurs in the technology field, sponsored by the Alibaba Innovation Center (AIC), in collaboration with international media, venture capital investors, partners and business leaders from around the world. From 8 china domestic contest divisions in 2015, to 17 divisions in 2016 (9 from domestic china, 8 from overseas) to 25 divisions in 2017 (13 domestic divisions, 12 overseas), involving 13 international regions and areas, covering more than 40 domestic city in China and oversea cities, more than 9000 teams participated the contests. In 2017, 65 teams entered the final competitions, 45 teams went to Shanghai to join the global final, they are all the top teams before A round, with the largest valuation exceeding $390 million. The total value of the 45 teams is close to $5 billion. Within three months after the competition, 4 of the teams got the next round of financing, one of which was 200 million RMB, besides, there're 10 teams financing in-depth communication. Over the next year, it is forecasted that more than 50% of the teams are expected to finance the next round.

For more information, please visit CACSC's official page

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