Community Blog Revealed: The Top Four Change Drivers for Media

Revealed: The Top Four Change Drivers for Media

In this post, we identify the four key change drivers pushing today’s media market forward, and how our cloud-based solutions can meet these demands.

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The media and entertainment market is on fast forward, changing at a rapid pace thanks to advancing digitization. This disruption puts tremendous pressure on today’s media organizations, forcing them to adopt new business models and technologies to survive in today’s market.

This is not an easy task. But this is also where our comprehensive set of Alibaba Cloud Media Solutions can help. In this post, we identify the four key change drivers pushing today’s media market forward, and how our cloud-based solutions can meet these demands.

No. 1: Ever-Changing Consumer Behavior

Users expect to choose content on an on-demand and live basis. Broadcasters are moving from push to pull consumption models, where users want access to the content they crave from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

“The digitalization of the media industry has been driven by changing consumer behavior and expectations, especially among younger generations who demand instant access to content, anytime, anywhere”, according to a recent report from the World Economic Forum.

With the arrival of the 5G network, this trend will only accelerate faster and further than ever before. The days of primetime viewing are over.

This is why you need the right network to deliver you content. Based on more than 2,800 global Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) nodes, our Real-Time Streaming (RTS) service supports tens of millions of concurrent streams and a maximum end-to-end latency of two seconds, for example.

No. 2: Personalizing Content Consumption

The shift from mass media consumption to personalized viewing experiences is prevalent. Now, broadcasters must understand their consumers on an individual basis, targeting the right content to the right person, at the right time.

To achieve this, you must harness the power of your data. At Alibaba Cloud, our Media Solutions service includes a video big data and AI solution, which can provide personalized content recommendations to individual users. It also comes with a content management service, which includes illicit content and advertisement identification and scenario recognition to further improve your user experience.

Our Personalized Content Recommendation service is also an easy-to-implement and data-driven solution, allowing you to deliver a personalized content recommendation service to your consumers.

No. 3: The Rise of Multi-Channel and Multi-Format Content

Media organizations must make content available across multiple formats and avoid restricting viewing based on the end user’s device or geographic location.

Our Media Solution also comes with quick deployment, when any new formats or devices hit the market. It includes out-of-the-box video SDK features to help you rapidly deploy multi-screen live content offerings on all mainstream platforms without changing your legacy architecture. As a result, you can offer your customers the broadest range of formats and platforms available, fast.

When it comes to live and on-demand content, our range of Video on Demand (VOD) solutions, ApsaraVideo Live and Broadcast Live can get your content out quickly and securely, without any complicated installs or configurations.

No. 4: Retaining Fickle Viewers

Today’s media organizations must provide endless choice and seamless accessibility. However, with so much choice available, this can make it difficult to retain your viewers and boost your brand loyalty.

To buck this trend, broadcasters must provide a flexible and agile service, which can effortlessly meet the needs of the end user and keep them watching on their outlets. But this can place pressure on your networks, particularly during any peaks in demand. So, scalability is key, as well as the provision of a high-quality and reliable viewing experience, at cost.

At Alibaba Cloud, our solutions are available across your entire media lifecycle from video production, media storage, video processing, and content management, to video play and distribution. Thanks to the agility of the cloud and our industry-leading SLAs this means your consumers receive the best service in the business.

In Conclusion

Each driver places pressure on your media organization and its networks – which must scale and provide a secure, high-quality and reliable end user experience. At Alibaba Cloud, our all-in-one Media Solutions package can digitize your entire media journey for today’s market, while providing you with the full range of services that today’s content consumers demand.

Alibaba Cloud works with a range of media organizations, providing a comprehensive suite of cloud-based products and services. To find out more about your digital options, download How to Ready Your Content for Today’s Media Market whitepaper today.

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