Community Blog Revealed: Six Ways the Cloud Meets the Needs of Today’s Media Market

Revealed: Six Ways the Cloud Meets the Needs of Today’s Media Market

In this blog post, we examine the key benefits of a cloud-based solution for media organizations.

To learn more about the benefits of the cloud for your media organization, download How to Ready Your Content for Today’s Media Market whitepaper today.

The media industry is booming and technology is the driving force behind this transformation. Advancing digitization has introduced new platforms, services and widespread demand for high-quality content, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

A cloud-based platform can help media organizations adapt to these changes. At Alibaba Cloud, our Media Solutions is a one-stop service where you can digitize your entire media journey. In this blog post, we examine the key benefits of a cloud-based solution for media organizations.

1. Scalability

We live in on-demand times where consumers want to access your media content whenever and wherever they are. Alibaba Cloud can help you meet this fluctuating demand, giving you the agility to automatically provide new services, supporting 4K and 8K workflows, all the while moving your workloads across our network with ease.

Our Elastic Compute Service (ECS) resources and Auto Scaling solutions, for example, are easy to manage on the Alibaba Cloud platform, where your resources automatically scale to meet peaks (and dips) in demand. Plus, you only pay for what you use.

2. Cost Reductions

With the cloud, you can move away from the pay-as-you-use (Opex) and one-off investment (Capex) business models, which are often used for on-premises, fixed infrastructures.

Using Alibaba Cloud, your organization can embrace either our pay-as-you-go or subscription payment models. With both options, you get economies of scale where you pay for what you use. Plus, without any physical machines to look after, your operation and maintenance costs are also minimized.

3. Flexibility

When you work with Alibaba Cloud, you get a highly flexible solution that’s incredibly easy to integrate. For example, you can create software-defined videos and experiment with your personalization options. It’s a safe space where you can find the right way to meet the needs of your consumers.

Our all-in-one Media Solutions service also includes a range of out-of-the-box video SDK features, allowing you to rapidly deploy multi screen live content offerings on multiple platforms but without changing your legacy architecture.

4. Global Reach

The Alibaba Cloud Global Network operates over 69 availability zones in 23 regions around the world – with more global regions set to follow. This means that you can easily distribute your content to a worldwide audience at low latency and with high availability.

We provide several services to help you achieve this. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN), for example, is based on more than 2,800 global nodes and, when coupled with our Real-Time Streaming (RTS) service, we can support tens of millions of concurrent streams and a maximum end-to-end latency of two seconds.

5. Ease of Use

Media content generation is non-stop and organizations need a platform where it’s easy to manage their archives, while providing on-demand and other live services.

Our networks are reliable and secure, providing the elasticity to meet the changing demands of your workflows and end-users. In response to the growing complexity of today’s media market, Alibaba Cloud can help you deliver your content across multiple platforms and formats.

Media Solutions is a one-stop solution, providing a robust range of media service capabilities and a seamless cloud experience across your entire media lifecycle. In short, it’s incredibly easy to use.

Media Solutions has also backed up Alibaba's years of in-depth industry practices with the Youku and Taobao platforms, which have developed many industry best practices that are easy to replicate.

6. Cutting-Edge Technologies

With Media Solutions, you can access a comprehensive suite of cloud-based technologies.

You can use artificial intelligence (AI) to increase your workflow efficiency and personalize your service, for example. You can embrace new video codecs and algorithms. You can benefit from the most advanced network infrastructure technologies available, without any additional technical development at your media organization.

To summarize, Alibaba Cloud empowers your production workflow, helping your business create the best content available in the following ways:

  • Broadcasting with ease: Our global network acceleration capabilities can optimize every part of your media workflow. This includes the capability to live stream your content in the cloud.
  • Cost-effective production: Our post production services can help you create scalable content anywhere. Powered by AI technology, Alibaba Cloud can optimize your operations across our global network, at minimal cost and with minimum effort on your part.
  • Time-saving production: Alibaba Cloud can automate your manual production tasks with automation, allowing for more time to be spent on producing great content.
  • Valuable user insights: using data-driven insights, we can help you increase your viewing times and target your consumers in the right way to optimize the end-user experience.
  • Personalized content: using Alibaba Cloud’s Personalized Content Recommendation service you can easily build a discovery service, helping consumers find the most appropriate content for their needs.

Alibaba Cloud can provide your organization with everything it needs to build a media platform for today’s market. To find out more about, download How to Ready Your Content for Today’s Media Market whitepaper today.

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