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Introducing Intelligent Content Distribution

In this blog post, we examine various cloud-based solutions that can help you get your content out while ensuring its quality, reliability, and security.

To learn more about distributing your content the right way, download How to Ready Your Content for Today’s Media Market whitepaper today.

Great content makes or breaks media organizations – but that’s not the end of the story. Today, you need to maximize the chances of success by putting your content in front of the right people, at the right time. Intelligent content distribution is key – but it’s also a huge undertaking for many organizations.

This is where the cloud can help. In this blog post, we examine some of the cloud-based solutions that can help you get your content out to the widest audience base possible, while also ensuring its quality, reliability and security. We also explain how to target your content to the right audiences using data-driven insights.

Distributing Content

Alibaba Cloud provides a range of solutions to help you reach global audiences with ease.

When it comes to video distribution and playback, our Object Storage Service (OSS) and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services allow you to store, process and access your content with ease, while accelerating its distribution using high-quality video transcoding technologies.

The Alibaba Cloud global network also provides a bandwidth of 90 Tbps to deliver high-quality video playback services.

Our range of Video on Demand (VOD) solutions, ApsaraVideo Live and Broadcast Live can get your live content out quickly and securely, without any complicated installs or configurations.

In fact, you can use your own SDKs and APIs or easily integrate with Alibaba Cloud services or other third-party technologies. Using these technologies, you can make your content available as and when there is demand – regardless of the audience size.

Our Global Application Acceleration service can also accelerate your network and applications around the world. Global Application Acceleration relies on Alibaba Cloud’s intelligent and global wide-area-network (WAN) infrastructure, which centralizes the management of your network. It also boosts your cross-regional network, secures your application endpoints (while making them accessible worldwide), and allows you to manage and scale your network with ease.

In short, Global Application Acceleration provides you with everything you need to get your content out on a global stage, while providing 10x faster speeds, compared to other networks.

Audience Insights

Once your content is ready to go, where should it go? In today’s media-rich world, consumers want to effortlessly find content that matches their tastes. A seamless and personalized end-user experience is now expected and – using Alibaba Cloud’s Personalized Content Recommendation service – you can easily deliver one.

Our Personalized Content Recommendation service helps media companies build a discovery service, helping consumers find the most appropriate content for their needs. It’s simple to build and launch, allowing you to deliver a personalized content recommendation service to your customers, on a global basis – all in the shortest time possible.

With Personalized Content Recommendation, you can collate and pre-process your data sources, build machine learning-derived recommendations, publish your recommendations to your audience, and continuously iterate and improve on these recommendations.

It also supports massive and diverse datasets, analyzing customer behavior to recommend the right content for the individual. New data sources, features, and learning models can be tested, measured, validated, and deployed with ease. What’s more, Alibaba Cloud’s models are always learning and improving, so your end-users have the best experience based on their real-time actions.

Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based products and services for today’s media organizations. To find out more, download How to Ready Your Content for Today’s Media Market whitepaper today.

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