Community Blog HyperOne Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB): Simplify Billing Process

HyperOne Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB): Simplify Billing Process

This is a featured project from the Project Hub by Alibaba Cloud.

Project Introduction

HyperOne Cloud Services Brokerage is a unified platform to provide users with full visibility on cloud spending. It helps users turn data into actionable insights, and support MSPs with a precise but flexible approach to handle the complex billing process and output cloud-native data in desirable formats.

Target Problems

The client is a Japan-based telecom subsidiary of a Japanese multinational conglomerate holding company offers cloud computing services including elastic computing services, data storage services, server load balancers, relational database services and security services. With its customer base and usage continue to grow, managing Customer, Costing and Billing become a nightmare. Client has to go through hundreds of thousands lines of data every month; from cloud billing check, tally rates and tariff with policies, consolidate third party bills and generate invoices. In order to stay competitive, client must improve its operational efficiency.

By utilizing HyperOne CSB, it automated and simplified the billing process, it also eliminated tons of manual processes, avoided human errors and streamlined the operations; customer has saved 50% of their time on handling the monthly billing to its customers.


HyperOne CSB, an intelligent IT Service Management Platform (ITSMP), it collects cloud-native data through OpenAPI, analyses and transforms data into actionable tactics, provides a "single pane of glass" approach, enables enterprises to achieve operational excellence.

Its main features include:

  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Cloud Native Bill Synchronization
  • Contract Management
  • Credit Status Alert
  • Currency Conversion
  • Customer Management & Analysis
  • Discount Policy Setting (by Customer ID, Payment Method, Region, Instance ID⋯)
  • Export data in self-defined Excel format
  • Generate Invoice in PDF format
  • Incentive Tracking
  • Summarize Costing and Usage by Cloud Account and Billing Cycle
  • Tax Calculation
  • Third Party Bill Management and more...

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

And many more!

Technology Highlights

HyperOne CSB leverages Alibaba Cloud resources to deploy and deliver enterprise-class solutions to the users. Resources used include ECS, RDS, Redis, NAT, logs, VPN gateways⋯ etc.

ECS provides an excellent operating environment for all core services of HyperOne CSB, it provides the flexibility and enables user to scale up or down to meet dynamic business needs. RDS serves as HyperOne CSB core data repository, provides users with high data reliability and flexibility on expansion, while REDIS provides caching capabilities to optimize user experience.

HyperOne CSB also used services such as NAT, log, VPN gateway⋯ to provide HyperOne CSB service nodes with public network access, log storage and a secure network for users to access HyperOne CSB services.

Alibaba Cloud resources are well suited for our needs in different dimensions, it powers us to support our clients in an efficient manner.

About the Team

OnePro Cloud Limited a leading Cloud Technology and Service provider; set up in 2017 in Shanghai, by a group of IT professionals, united towards helping modern enterprises successfully incorporate cloud technology.

The company is a nationally leading cloud tech specialist today, helping enterprises of different segments like finance, smart city, medical, energy, transportation, manufacturing and education, succeed in their cloud adoption.

OnePro Cloud believes that cloud transformation is critical for modern businesses because it allows them to be agile, nimble, responsive and competent. Enterprises need effective digital transformation as well as cloud transformation to succeed continuously. OnePro Cloud empowers its clients to capitalize on their investments in cloud technology and supports their continual success.

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