Community Blog Simplify Data Transmits and Optimize Costs with Alibaba Cloud Data Transfer

Simplify Data Transmits and Optimize Costs with Alibaba Cloud Data Transfer

This article describes the benefits and features of Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Data Transfer (CDT).

Businesses increasingly rely on cloud services for efficient data and application management. Alibaba Cloud, a global leader in cloud computing, offers Cloud Data Transfer (CDT) as a comprehensive solution to streamline data transfers, optimize costs, and maximize cloud resources.

Alibaba Cloud Data Transfer

CDT is used for unified billing and bill splitting. It simplifies billing and supports tiered pricing for internet data transfers. This model reduces unit costs as data transfer volumes increase, incentivizing businesses to scale up their cloud operations while saving costs.

In scenarios with sudden spikes in data transfer demands, Alibaba Cloud's CDT offers pay-as-you-go billing. This flexibility ensures you only pay for the data you transfer, avoiding unnecessary bandwidth reservations and aligning costs with actual usage.

Managing cloud expenses and budget planning can be complex, but CDT simplifies the process. It provides unified trend reports and bills for data transfers, enabling informed decision-making about cloud spending. This transparency helps allocate resources effectively and reconcile expenses, keeping you within your budget.

Alibaba Cloud's CDT supports a wide range of products, including Elastic IP, EIP Bandwidth Plan, Cloud Load Balancer IPv6 Gateway, Anycast EIP, Global Accelerator, Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN), and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) peering connections, offering versatility for various needs.

CDT goes beyond IT benefits; it enhances collaboration across your organization. With unified billing and tag-based bill splitting, business, IT, and financial teams can work efficiently. This streamlined approach ensures everyone is aligned on cloud expenses, enhancing cost management.

To seamlessly integrate CDT into your existing cloud infrastructure, Click2Cloud can assist you.

Explore How Click2Cloud Can Help You with CDT Activation

Click2Cloud helps identify CDT-available regions, enables CDT for supported Alibaba Cloud products, and offers recommendations for automatic billing with CDT for new products.


Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Data Transfer (CDT) empowers businesses to optimize cloud data transfers and cost control effectively. With tiered pricing, pay-by-data transfer billing, product support, straightforward configurations, and enhanced FinOps collaboration, it simplifies cloud operations while driving cost savings. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, CDT can streamline your cloud operations and maintain budget efficiency.

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