Community Blog Cloud Forward: Cloud-Native Container Platform Episode 12 | ACK@Edge

Cloud Forward: Cloud-Native Container Platform Episode 12 | ACK@Edge

ACK@Edge is a collaborative hosting scheme launched by Alibaba Cloud container service after deep-mining Edge Computing + Cloud-Native landing implementation.

Containers have long been running not just in cloud data centers, but everywhere, thanks to the advancement of cloud-native technologies. Users are increasingly interested in running containerized applications on edge computing resources. But how can edge containers have a good cloud-edge collaboration?

Hello and welcome to this episode of Cloud Forward. Today, we'll talk about Alibaba Cloud's edge container service, ACK@Edge

With the dramatic increase in the number of smart Internet end devices and the increased demand for more data, the scale and business complexity of edge computing has shifted dramatically. New services such as edge intelligence, edge real-time computing, and edge analytics are emerging.

Cloud-native technology based on Kubernetes provides consistent functionality between any infrastructure and the cloud via a unified standard. And thanks to the active and powerful community, the applicability of cloud-native technology to heterogeneous resources has been gradually improved. For example, in IoT, cloud-native technology has been able to well support multiple CPU architectures, whether it's x86, x64, arm, or arm64.

Alibaba Cloud launched the cloud-edge integrated collaboration hosting solution, ACK@Edge, for edge computing scenarios, which focuses on the concept of "standard control on the cloud and moderate autonomy at the edge," with three distinctive layers.

>> Watch the full video here to learn more about ACK@Edge.


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