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Baselog: Home Office Solutions

This project is from Agung Ardiyanto, which was awarded third place (shared) in the Re-cloud Challenges Indonesia 2021.

Project Introduction

Baselog is a solution for those of you who have many workers who are working work from home or remotely.


Baselog gives management of a worker's job done from home

How Baselog works:

First a team leader makes a group for each "part" that needs to be cut into pieces, then creates an account with his subordinates, where later his subordinates who work from home can be monitored for what they have done while at home.

Baselog is inspired by an application with basecamp, where this Baselog has acquired the MVP (Minimum Variable Product) owned by basecamp, namely task management.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

  • ECS

I used Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) to deploy this Baselog application, which is built using Laravel 8 and pairs with Jetstream (inertia.js)

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