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ApsaraVideo VOD Multi-bitrate Option

This post is guide you how to configure multi bit-rate video and also embed the video in you web application.

written by: Fakhri, Solution Architect Alibaba Cloud Indonesia

A video transcoder is used to convert video from one format to another. Video transcoder usually used to decode and re-encoded into a multitude of bit-rates and resolutions for adaptive bit-rate streaming protocols such as HLS and MPEG-DASH. This enables a single video source to be delivered into many different types of viewing devices.

ApsaraVideo for VOD is an all-in-one on-demand audio and video streaming solution. ApsaraVideo VOD transcodes a video into video streams at different bitrates and packages these video streams into a single file. This way, media players can switch to the most appropriate video stream based on the network bandwidth. This post is guide you how to configure multi bit-rate video and also embed the video in you web application.

Step 1: Open ApsaraVideo VOD
Login to your Alibaba Cloud console and search for the ApsaraVideo VOD console.

Step 2 : Configure CDN
Open CDN Configuration, select Domain Names and Add Domain

Input domain name, select type OSS with default bucket and region. Make sure select Outside Mainland China for Acceleration Region.

Add CNAME record on your domain name record with value defined. After configure CNAME refresh and make sure status is configured.

Step 3 : Create Transcoding Template
On configuration management menu, expand Media Processing and select Transcoding Template.

Select Create Transcoding Template Group

Click +Add Template

Select Encapsulation format and Definition

Create another Normal Transcoding Template for different Definition. Make sure select same encapsulation format.

If you want to create auto resolution format m3u, add template on Video Packaging Template and select Definition.

Save Template.

Step 4 : Upload Video
Open menu Media Files, select Audio/Video. Make sure you select correct Region and push Upload button.

Select Add media

Select your bucket to store the video file, select use Transcoding Template Group, select your transcoding template you create previously. Push Add media button to upload your video

Wait the upload process until 100 percent

After completed back to Audio/Video menu and select manage on video uploaded. Make sure status is Normal.

Go to Video URL tab and make sure the video listed each definition as defined at Template transcoding group.

Step 4 : Embed video to Web Application
Multiple bit-rate player can show using multi source define. This example to show video with multiple source (HD and SD). Make sure the source format not include “http:” to make it work and already configure the CDN domain.
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Player Preview, video source credits: https://www.pexels.com/video/celebrating-christmas-happily-6690101/

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