Community Blog ApsaraVideo Live: Enhancing Engagement and Reach for News Organizations Through Live Streaming

ApsaraVideo Live: Enhancing Engagement and Reach for News Organizations Through Live Streaming

This blog discusses one of the major featured products facilitated by Alibaba Cloud, ApsaraVideo Live.

In the rapidly changing media landscape, news organizations face the challenge of creating and delivering content that is relevant, engaging, and authentic. To succeed, they need a reliable and credible partner that can help them navigate the complex and dynamic media ecosystem. Alibaba Cloud's one-stop media solution is the trusted partner of news organizations around the world. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help news organizations streamline the entire media workflow, from video production, media storage, video processing, and content management to content delivery and monetization.

This blog discusses one of the major featured products facilitated by Alibaba Cloud - ApsaraVideo Live. Alibaba Cloud's, ApsaraVideo Live ensures a professional solution for live and audio that resonates with today's audience. Making it an application that facilitates seamlessness for live broadcast services for global cultural and entertainment events with efficiency.

ApsaraVideo Live: Your All-in-One Live Streaming Solution

ApsaraVideo Live is a versatile and comprehensive solution that caters to both audio and video streaming platforms. It leverages a leading content hosting and delivery network, along with large-scale distributed real-time transcoding technology, to elevate the viewer experience. With this innovative platform, news organizations can overcome common challenges like video quality degradation, buffering, audio synchronization issues, and service interruptions. ApsaraVideo Live ensures uninterrupted high-definition audio and video services that are easily accessible, offering low latency and high concurrency.

Key Benefits of ApsaraVideo Live

ApsaraVideo Live offers a multitude of significant benefits, enhancing the following aspects:

Global Reach: Alibaba Cloud spans more than 70 countries and regions with over 3,200 edge nodes across six continents, boasting a total bandwidth exceeding 180 Tbit/s. This extensive network ensures global coverage and connectivity, supported by mainstream ISPs.

Low Latency Excellence: ApsaraVideo Live guarantees minimal latency through its world-leading real-time streaming network. It employs dynamic routing via the streaming brain, ensuring responsiveness even in unreliable network conditions. Supported protocols include RTMP, RTS, SRT, and QUIC, ensuring high-quality transmission.

High Definition and Smooth Playback: ApsaraVideo Live achieves high definition at 50 frames per second while conserving bandwidth with its Narrowband HD™ 2.0 technology. It supports 8K live streaming with a resolution of up to 7680 × 4320, providing incredibly vivid imagery. Optimal nodes and bandwidth ensure second-level latency and a stalling rate lower than 1% during live streaming.

Scenario-Specific Solutions: The platform offers tailored solutions for streaming, video processing, content distribution, and playback. It provides SDKs for various devices, user-friendly APIs, and a range of application features that can be flexibly combined. Mature live-streaming solutions cater to diverse industries, including e-commerce, entertainment, online education, gaming, finance, and large-scale events.

Standout Features of ApsaraVideo Live

Let's delve into the standout features that make ApsaraVideo Live an exceptional choice for your streaming needs:

Content Creation with SDKs: Push and Queen SDKs for multi-device adaptation, adaptive streaming, facial and body detection, and audio processing. Low-latency ARTC protocol support, adaptive streaming, SEI message insertion, and live stream recording.

Global Real-time streaming network: Global real-time streaming, dynamic routing, and multi-protocol support for superior playback.

Transcoding Solutions: Mainstream format support, Narrowband HD™ transcoding, adaptive encoding, watermarks, templates, and multi-bitrate transcoding.

Security Protection: Encryption technologies, hotlink protection, URL signing, HTTPS acceleration, and DRM for content security.

Smart AI: Illicit content and advertisement identification, scenario recognition, and speech recognition for content management.

Statistical Analysis: Insights into customer demographics, quality monitoring, and visitor data for business expansion.

Production Studio: Cloud-based media processing, content management, and enhancement. Elevate content with live streams, video files, images, and libraries. Enhance production quality with custom layouts, audio mixing, and more. Improve distribution and engagement with standby playback, multiple definitions, and synchronous playback.

ApsaraVideo VOD: Secure and Scalable VOD Applications

In addition to ApsaraVideo Live, Alibaba Cloud offers ApsaraVideo VOD, a platform built on Object Storage Service (OSS) for content storage, processing, and access, along with an efficient Content Delivery Network (CDN) for swift and high-quality media content distribution using advanced video transcoding technologies.


As the digital media landscape continues to evolve, Alibaba Cloud's ApsaraVideo Live offers news organizations a ground-breaking solution to enhance their content delivery. The future of engaging and authentic storytelling is within reach. Embrace the future, stay ahead of the curve, and revolutionize your media strategy with ApsaraVideo Live. It's time to explore the limitless potential of your content and make every moment count. Get started today and redefine the way you connect with your audience.

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