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Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration Solution

This blog gives you a complete understanding on Alibaba Cloud's Global Application Acceleration solution

By Rupal Shirpurkar, Business Head (Cloud BU – APAC) of Click2Cloud Inc. and Alibaba Cloud MVP

The growth of every business relies heavily upon the satisfaction of its customers. A smooth and user-friendly experience can help businesses make its mark in the world. Customers typically demand for an easy-to-use experience for websites and mobile applications, regardless of whether it is for e-commerce, aviation, education, entertainment, or hospitality. Every business, regardless of industry, needs a handy site for customers to access and interact with. If there are any delays or errors when accessing the site, this will negatively impact businesses and severely impact growth in today's hyper-competitive market.

And that's exactly why Alibaba Cloud came up with the handy and easy-to-use Global Application Acceleration solution, which can help you overcome your every problem. The Global Application Acceleration solution helps speed up networks and applications, ultimately improving the network performance. This capability ensures you and your customers with a smoother access to your websites and application; it also gives your business peace of mind through its robust security features. Alibaba Cloud deals with its wide area network infrastructure globally and uses its inter-enterprise connectivity networks that enables it to reach at global proximity access and deployment of network services.

This solution by Alibaba Cloud helps you boost your business and stay ahead of the market by fulfilling the needs of customers. Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration solution accelerates the websites, mobile-applications, games, audio, video RTC, and enterprise SaaS applications. This solution by Alibaba Cloud provides you with a high quality network to boost applications access at a global scale, helping you achieve low latency transmission with proper traffic guidance.

Advantages of Global Application Acceleration

Global Application Acceleration by Alibaba Cloud provides high speed network connections that minimizes latency and packet loss.

Wrapping Up

Global Application Acceleration by Alibaba Cloud is a smooth and easy to use platform for connecting client with servers worldwide. This solution ensures a high-speed network capacity and enhances the reliability of your network. Overall, Global Application Acceleration helps your business grow and provides you with global deployment, stability, efficiency, multiple protocols, fast access, and advance analytics.

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