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Global Accelerator(GA): The Network Acceleration Solution

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator provides network acceleration service for your Internet-facing application globally with guaranteed bandwidth and high reliability.

The Introduction Video of Global Accelerator(GA)

The Overview of Global Accelerator(GA):

Global Accelerator (GA) provides access points worldwide. It is designed to accelerate the transmission of network traffic. The GA service ensures high-quality Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) bandwidth and high service reliability. This allows businesses to accelerate global connections to Internet-facing services. Backed by the reliable and congestion-free global network of Alibaba Cloud, GA provides a high-speed network experience and ultra-low transmission latency for users across different regions.


Global Accelerator (GA) assigns an accelerated IP address to each acceleration region in an acceleration area. Clients from an acceleration region can connect to the access point that is closest to the clients through the accelerated IP address. The access point receives client requests and forwards the requests over the Alibaba Cloud global network. GA then automatically selects routes to distribute client requests to the optimal endpoints. This allows you to avoid network congestion and reduce network latency. Endpoints can be IP addresses or domain names of origin servers. These origin servers include Server Load Balancer (SLB) instances, Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, and custom origin servers. Alibaba Cloud public IP addresses are supported.

The Benefits of Global Accelerator(GA)

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator (GA) is a secure, reliable, and easily deployed acceleration service. This service can accelerate connections to applications and provide superior performance and high availability.

Superior performance

Relying on the high-quality Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) bandwidth and the global network of Alibaba Cloud, Global Accelerator(GA) leverages the global network infrastructure of points of presence (PoPs) to reduce Internet latency, network jitters, and packet loss.

High availability

  • Global Accelerator(GA) allows you to manage network traffic that is routed across regions and directed to multiple endpoints. Thus, a failover is implemented to prevent single-region and single-line failures.
  • Global Accelerator(GA) continuously monitors the health status of all endpoints and instantly begins redirecting network traffic when needed to ensure service continuity.

High security

Integrated with Alibaba Cloud security products, Global Accelerator(GA) safeguards your application endpoints and protects your Internet services against attacks.

Easy deployment

Global Accelerator(GA) is easy to configure and can be deployed within a few minutes. Resources are monitored and maintained in a centralized manner. This mechanism simplifies the deployment process.

The Scenarios of Global Accelerator(GA)

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator (GA) can provide access points worldwide and accelerate the transmission of network traffic. You can configure the GA service based on your requirements. This service can be used in various scenarios, such as online gaming acceleration and application acceleration for multinational companies.

Accelerate transmission of gaming traffic

Driven by constant innovation, online gaming companies strive to deliver an exceptional user experience in highly demanding scenarios such as multiplayer online games.

Global Accelerator (GA) helps global gaming providers to drastically reduce end-to-end network transmission time and allow players to enjoy online games without any network jitters or latency. GA provides players with a consistent and smooth gaming experience. The access points of Alibaba Cloud nearest to the players receive gaming requests and forward the requests to the target origin server through the internal network of Alibaba Cloud. Compared with transmission over the public network, GA shortens the transmission path, reduces latency, network jitters, and packet loss, and improves interaction experience among players.


Accelerate cross-border collaboration

For multinational corporations, their application services and enterprise data are deployed and stored in the countries where their headquarters are located. In such cases, it may be difficult for their branch staff and business partners around the world to access the applications and data due to high network latency and low transmission speed.

Alibaba Cloud GA helps to create a dynamic and secured network between a multinational corporation's head office and branch offices across multiple regions.


Accelerate connections to global Internet applications

Connections to applications over the Internet may have issues such as high latency and packet loss. These issues may affect the user experience.

You can use Global Accelerator (GA) to accelerate connections to global applications over the Internet through the high-quality Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) bandwidth and a global network of Alibaba Cloud.


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Alibaba Cloud's Global Acceleration Solution accelerates global network transmissions by using Alibaba Cloud's high bandwidth and global transmission networks. The solution allows for local access to the Internet and the cross-region deployment of applications for significant improvements in user experience. It features superior network quality and security protections, as well as high availability and low latency. Besides this, Global Acceleration services are also easy to deploy and can be activated and deployed in a matter of minutes.

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