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What Is Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator and How It Works

This article describes how Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator can help your business stay better connected and improve the shopping experience.

Accelerate Internet-Based Applications with Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator

What is Global Accelerator

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator is an application optimization service that guarantees maximum bandwidth and high service efficiency to help the company accelerate Internet-facing applications for global connectivity.Backed by Alibaba Cloud's global network, spanning across 20 regions with over 110 point-of-presence nodes worldwide, Global Accelerator provides high-speed network access and ultra-low transmission latency for end-users. Businesses can leverage Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator to optimize application performance by intelligently routing the traffic to the best endpoint available. Let's take a quick look at the key benefits that Global Accelerator offers.

  1. It delivers a smooth user experience for latency-sensitive applications.
  2. It securely connects global application endpoints across different geographies and platforms.
  3. It assigns the optimal traffic path to connect global applications using dynamic routing selection and intelligent traffic scheduling.
  4. It ensures quick cross-border network deployment within minutes through a few simple steps.
  5. It assures global compliance with Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive range of certifications and compliance accreditations including both Chinese and international information security standards, as well as various other industry requirements and best practices.

How Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator Works

Alibaba Cloud Global Acceleration links companies all over the world to Alibaba Cloud's global network, enabling business-critical applications to be distributed quicker. The five-part mechanism shown below implements the service acceleration process.

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator

  1. Users: To begin with, businesses must select a user area where they would like to accelerate their application. They can choose from Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Europe, North America, and Australia.
  2. Acceleration Nodes: Nodes may refer to a point-of-presence or region. On the basis of a user's location, Global Accelerator allows the user to access the applications of global businesses from the nearest acceleration node.
  3. Global Accelerator: At this point the most optimal path is selected to route application traffic from the acceleration node to the business's backend using Alibaba Cloud's global network infrastructure.
  4. Regional Endpoint Group: A regional endpoint group consists of multiple endpoints used together to provide higher availability. User application traffic routes to an endpoint group deployed in each Alibaba Cloud region.
  5. Endpoints: At this stage, the application traffic reaches the specific endpoint connected to the backend service. The accelerated application endpoints may either be an Alibaba Cloud service or any other cloud service provided by a different cloud service provider.

This article shows how Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator can help your business stay better connected and ensure that your services stay online even in the most demanding of scenarios.

Boost Your E-Commerce Business in China Using Global Acceleration

GA is a network acceleration product that links two Alibaba Cloud regions through a dedicated network link. One zone is classified as a "service field," while the other is designated as a "accelerated area." The "service area" is the Alibaba Cloud region that hosts the service or program that your users need, while the "accelerated area" is the Alibaba Cloud region that is nearest to your users (say, in China). The accelerated area will usually expose a public IP (a fundamental concept of GA) to users which they can use to access whatever service is hosted in the "service area".

Problem Statement

The organization is a typical e-commerce business that sells fashion brands online to their wide customer base in and outside China. Their customers outside China are satisfied with the website access but the users in China don't get a consistent and/or good performance. For users in China, the access is usually slow and unstable, discouraging the shoppers and leading to a considerable fall in sales. To add to the misery, in a week's time, there is a huge global online sales event where they are expecting a substantial increase in website visits.

Hence, the organization needs a quick and definite solution to achieve following:

  1. Improved shopping experience for users in China in general to boost the sales.
  2. Sustain the online shopping event that is going to happen in a week's time.

Technical Overview

In some cases, the service your users want to access may not actually be hosted on Alibaba Cloud. In this case, you need to establish a proxy in the Alibaba Cloud "service area" region which can accept requests from the "accelerated area" and forward them on. The following is the typical architecture for a scenario where user access in China is accelerated for a website hosted in Sydney. Global Acceleration (GA) is used to send traffic from China to a proxy server located in Alibaba Cloud's Sydney region, which then forwards user traffic on to the correct address (website).

Technical Overview

How does traffic flow in this solution? Let's take a look:

  1. User in China tries to access the Australian website via their web browser: a DNS request is made.
  2. Since DNS has already been configured to route China traffic via Global Acceleration's public IP, the user request routed through GA.
  3. The request for the website domain first goes to the nearest Alibaba Cloud CDN node (note that CDN is an optional component in the architecture but helps accelerates the response time immensely)
    4.CDN domain in China routes the traffic to the GA instance which has already been configured to route the traffic to a reverse poxy located in Alibaba Cloud's Sydney region.
  4. The user's traffic is routed to the reverse proxy in Sydney. Note that the reverse proxy can be configured using web server software such as NGINX and should ideally have an Alibaba Cloud SLB in front of it to avoid having a single point of failure.
  5. Reverse proxy is configured to send the traffic to the server hosting the website
  6. The proxy server sends the response back to the user in China
  7. For overseas users (i.e not in China), the request also goes to the DNS
  8. In the case of overseas users, the request is not routed via the GA and hence the IP of the actual server is sent back to the user
  9. The user is able to access the website hosted on the Sydney server

Read this article to learn more about how you can use Alibaba Cloud's Global Acceleration to improve the shopping experience on your e-commerce website for users in China.

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Global Accelerator

Global Accelerator is a network acceleration service, benefiting from the high-quality bandwidth and global transmission networks that are provided by Alibaba Cloud. Global Accelerator enables nearby access to the Internet and cross-region deployment of applications, improving the user experience of Internet services. Global Accelerator features high network quality, high security, high availability, and low latency. In addition, Global Accelerator can be activated within several minutes, making service deployment more agile.

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Benefits of Global Accelerator

Global Accelerator (GA) is a secure, reliable, and easily deployed acceleration service. This service can accelerate connections to applications and provide superior performance and high availability.

Scenarios of Global Accelerator

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator (GA) can provide access points worldwide and accelerate transmission of network traffic. You can configure the GA service based on your requirements. This service can be used in various scenarios, such as online gaming acceleration and application acceleration for multinational companies.

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