Community Blog Alibaba Cloud – A Legacy That Goes beyond Cloud Computing

Alibaba Cloud – A Legacy That Goes beyond Cloud Computing

In this blog, you will learn what Alibaba Cloud is all about and how to get started with our comprehensive suite of cloud services.


As more and more IT systems are externalized, it is becoming critical to choose the right cloud service provider based on their reliability and capabilities. A reliable cloud provider can offer data security, data governance, service roadmap, service dependencies, SLAs, and more. However, you need to have a well-defined selection and procurement process based on the providers’ technical capabilities, security practices, and advanced processes, appropriately weighted towards your business-critical needs.

With so many players offering different services, it can be often daunting to select a right technology partner that doesn't just support cloud, but goes much beyond encompassing a broad range of digital technologies.

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How Can Alibaba Cloud Be Your Right Partner?

Alibaba Cloud is the right choice for all your cloud computing needs. It provides vital technology infrastructure and best-in-class marketing capabilities to help global enterprises across industries operate more efficiently, effectively, and securely. Founded in 2009, Alibaba Cloud is a global leader in cloud computing and artificial technologies that provides reliable and secure data processing capabilities in its online solutions. With the support of Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure, the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival generated USD 74.1 billion (RMB 498.2 billion) in gross merchandise value (GMV) in 2020 with zero downtime.

Additionally, Alibaba Cloud cooperates closely with other business units from Alibaba Group's ecosystem, including:

  • The DAMO Academy (Academy for Discovery, Adventure, Momentum and Outlook), dedicated to scientific and technological research and innovation.
  • Alipay, the mobile and online payment platform.
  • AliExpress, the global consumer marketplace.

From storage and network innovations to advanced AI solutions, Alibaba Cloud aims to serve thousands of enterprises, developers, and government organizations in more than 200 countries and regions. Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud has helped millions of customers with its world-class infrastructure. The company is aiming to expand its global reach and has built an international network of 80 availability zones in 25 regions (at the time of writing).

Global Standing and International Recognitions

Alibaba Cloud has been recognized several times by Gartner and Forrester for its stellar performance:

  • Alibaba Cloud ranked third in the global IaaS market and first in the Asia-Pacific region for the third consecutive year.
  • In 2020, Alibaba Cloud was announced as the Leader in Gartner’s prestigious Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems.
  • In 2021, Alibaba Cloud was acclaimed as a Leader in the Forrester Wave’s Function-As-A-Service Platforms.
  • CSA STAR Certification for security, trust, and assurance and the first to receive the ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification in China.

How Alibaba Cloud Facilitates Business Transformation Across Industries

Alibaba Cloud provides cost-effective solutions to enterprises across industries to help meet their storage, cloud-computing, networking, and security needs. It enables digital transformation utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics and helps companies to scale, grow, thrive, and become more efficient.

  • New Retail: The retail industry evolves every few decades. With Alibaba Cloud's New Retail concept, resources across online, offline, and logistics channels are integrated into a single value chain. This allows retailers to achieve better efficiency across various processes with the help of advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, big data, and machine learning,.
  • Financial Services: From limited technological solutions and resources to strict regulatory processes, financial services face many challenges such as high customer expectations and high business continuity requirements that potentially limit business growth. Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of cloud services and a proven track record of delivering value to help Fintech companies achieve operational excellence and become more agile by building next-generation architecture while optimizing costs.
  • Media and Entertainment: The media and entertainment industry demands instant access to content from anywhere and anytime. With this changing industrial landscape and consumer expectations, it is important for the media industry to accelerate digitalization by adopting innovative solutions that can improve content management, distribution, and delivery as per the need of today's volatile markets. Alibaba Cloud’s one-stop media solution provides a range of robust multimedia services to simplify, streamline, and digitize various vital processes. It ensures that the content reaches the right audience based on personalized end-user choices and preferences without delay and quality compromise.

Asia Accelerator: Accelerating Success in Asia and China

In addition to offering cloud solutions to different industries, Alibaba Cloud facilitates international expansion in Asia’s complex and dynamic market, leveraging on its familiarity and expertise in the region. Global companies can now seamlessly expand their services and operations in China's market through Alibaba Cloud’s Asia Accelerator and China Gateway solution.

Alibaba Cloud’s Programs and Solutions

Alibaba Cloud offers different programs for small and medium-sized enterprises to scale and grow beyond borders.

  • Alibaba Cloud Partner Network (ACPN): Alibaba Cloud offers an exclusive program for its certified partners that help reach significant milestones. ACPN provides a one-stop solution for its partners that ensures enablement, benefits, valuable marketing, and sales support. Be an Alibaba Cloud Partner

Alibaba Cloud also offers a wide range of industry-tailored solutions that help MNCs and SMEs inject organizational agility, reduce delivery cycles, add new revenue streams, and cut down on TCO. Alibaba Cloud's portfolio of products and solutions include:

  • Compute: Alibaba Cloud's online cloud computing service, Elastic Compute Service (ECS), provides businesses with elastic and secure virtual servers to fulfill cloud hosting needs. ECS comes with the third-generation X-Dragon to improve overall performance and its world-leading SLA guarantees 99.975% availability for individual instances and 99.995% availability for cross-zone multi-instance setups.
  • Databases: Alibaba Cloud offers comprehensive cloud database solutions such as ApsaraDB RDS MySQL and Polar DB. The AsparaDB RDS product line provides fully hosted online database services that enhance the availability and performance of all databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and SQL Server.
  • Networking: Alibaba Cloud offers extensive global node networking services such as for MNCs to build fast and stable network connections worldwide. It provides solutions, such as Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) and Global Accelerator (GA), that enable enterprises to overcome connectivity challenges, including bandwidth configurations, network latency, jitters, packet loss, and more.
  • Security: Alibaba Cloud offers cloud-based security services, including Anti-DDoS and Web Application Firewall (WAF), that integrate with other solutions such as ECS to protect data and applications from malicious cyberattacks. Additionally, Alibaba Cloud's Security Center identifies threats and sends real-time notifications about potential security threats to the end-users.
  • Migration: Alibaba Cloud migration services provide complete end-to-end migration solutions to ensure smooth and fast web hosting migration, database migration, security migration, and more.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Alibaba Cloud's hybrid cloud ensures business continuity in a hybrid environment through elastic scaling, disaster recovery, data backup, and more.


Alibaba Cloud offers a complete range of cloud services to enable enterprises move faster without any up-front costs. Besides cloud-native solutions, Alibaba Cloud also provides a comprehensive resource center that includes whitepapers, free-trials, tutorials, and starter guides for the above solutions to enable users to explore various products and get started with the Alibaba Cloud platform.

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