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Agriforum: AI-based Smart Farming Solution

This project is from the Fun_AI team, which was awarded with an Innovation Award in the Alibaba Cloud Global AI Innovation Challenge 2020.

Project Introduction

Agriforum mainly aims at providing farmers with accurate information at the right time for better crop yield, improved economic outcome, and more efficient water management (this can be done based on weather insights from our app).

Target Problems

The application aims at providing tailored information for each farmer by location, crop type, and even the plants' stage of development during the growing season. When deciding upon crops, farmers must keep in mind several factors such as temperature, rainfall, soil type, nutrients level in soil, and to name a few. This is a challenging problem for farmers, which can be solved with our app.


Features developed in the platform, including our intelligent AI, help to decide the most suitable crop to plant based on the current month, soil quality of your area, weather trends, and total duration for harvest. Each recommendation is tailored to the location of each farmer, type of crop, and the farm's environment. Agriforum Android App provides a forum module allowing farmers to exchange information and solutions and allows text uploads. The Agriforum platform also includes crop-risk algorithms, allowing farmers to check for the productivity per area rank in our application before sowing the crops.


Alibaba Cloud Products Used

Technology Highlights

We trained 50 models for different crops to provide recommendations for suitable crops in our app. The model was trained quickly and efficiently using Alibaba Cloud PAI. The notebook DSW was very fast to train all 50 models, so that we had time to fine-tune the models. We used Heroku for backend and Firebase for front end of the web app.

We are fighting back against climate change. Farms serve as important economic drivers in many communities, and Agriforum aims at being steadfast in using tech for good to help farmers around the world do what they do best.

About the Team

We are a team of students that participated in Alibaba Cloud Global AI Innovation Challenge. We analyzed several pain points among low income families and decided to solve the problems in crop management.

We love to solve problems that impact future.

Our team members:

  • G Thilakar Rajaa - AI & Web developer (4th year B.Tech CS student)
  • G Duruvan Raj - Android app developer (4th year B.Tech EC student)
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