Community Blog Why Cloud Computing Can Help SMEs Thrive

Why Cloud Computing Can Help SMEs Thrive

Alibaba Cloud can help SMEs to get noticed in the crowded e-commerce space where multinationals often lead the way through our powerful e-commerce solutions.

To learn more about how cloud computing can help SMEs thrive in an online world, download the Successful eCommerce Promotions – an Alibaba Cloud Guide for SMEs whitepaper today.

SMEs can struggle to get noticed in the crowded e-commerce space where multinationals often lead the way, using their seemingly limitless resources to grab the lion's share of opportunities. This is where Alibaba Cloud can help businesses of any size stand out, scale up, and succeed in the world of online shopping, using the elastic and cost-effective nature of the cloud.

For starters, we have plenty of experience in the world of e-commerce. Our cloud-based solutions power the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival where, in 2019, the event recorded RMB 268.4 billion gross merchandise volume (GMV), setting yet another Double 11 record.

For SMEs, large-scale events like Double 11 represent a tremendous opportunity to reach new global audiences – but only if you have the right cloud-based solutions in place.

Seamless Scalability

Cloud-based solutions provide SMEs with a highly scalable architecture, where a range of cost-effective products and services protect your business at every point in the online shopping lifecycle.

Compared to traditional infrastructures, the highly scalable and automated nature of a cloud-based environment unlocks a range of benefits to SMEs:

  • Reduce Costs: You can avoid upfront costs and the provisioning of expensive equipment by using auto-scaling techniques to synchronize your resources with demand. For example, our Elastic Compute Service (ECS) automatically adjusts to your current network demand, allowing you to maintain your service levels during peak periods, and removing instances when demand reduces. What's more, this service is available free of charge and you can add limits to control your expenditure.
  • Maximize Uptime: Auto-scaling can also help your business achieve low latency and high availability, with our latest SLA providing a multi-instance availability of 99.995%. You can schedule automated infrastructure updates and maintenance in off-peak periods, and ready your network for an anticipated peak in demand.
  • Protect Your Business: Our cloud-based security services provide advanced and regularly updated defensive systems to protect your business against attacks during critical times. These solutions also ensure you minimize downtime across your network. For example, our Anti-DDoS protection safeguards your data and applications from DDoS and Trojan attacks, and our Web Application Firewall (WAF) also protects your website servers against intrusions.
  • Go Global: In the cloud, you require robust coverage to provide high transmission speeds and a low latency end-user experience. Our global network operates in 21 regions and 63 availability zones, allowing your SME to reach customers around the world. We're also the number one cloud provider in Asia and can help you break into this complex region through our China Gateway solution. To further help SMEs reach a worldwide audience, our Cloud Enterprise Network can help you achieve enterprise-level scalability with globally high transmission speeds for your e-commerce site.
  • Innovate with Ease: Alibaba Cloud also provides a range of out-of-the-box solutions to help your e-commerce site provide the functionality that today's online shoppers demand. This includes our ApsaraVideo Live streaming platform, where you can create, with ease, product demos and other video or audio content to connect with consumers. Our Digital Marketing Solution service can also help you better understand your customer needs and buying behavior. Finally, our Data Analytics solutions can help you monitor and analyze your e-commerce site in real time and post-event, to optimize your business for ongoing success.

If you'd like to find out how to capitalize on events such as the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival, and ready your e-commerce site to survive and thrive in today's complex online market, download the Successful eCommerce Promotions – an Alibaba Cloud Guide for SMEs whitepaper today.

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