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Alibaba Cloud provides the necessary compliance, security, resilience and scalability capabilities needed for Forex companies to operate effectively on a global scale.


The greatest challenges that many Forex companies and traders face is latency. Forex trades need to take place on a global scale and, yet, even a five-millisecond delay can make or break a major deal. Fortunately, by implementing an infrastructural solution based on Alibaba Cloud’s Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) and ECS Bare Metal Instances, Forex companies can achieve seamless connectivity on a worldwide scale with low latency and support for high-speed trading and fast management.

Alibaba Cloud's large portfolio of cloud security products can also provide Forex companies with the necessary tools to secure online trades and protect the financial data of Forex’s users in a comprehensive way. The solution includes DDoS mitigation, web endpoint protections, centralized security operations, and application data protections. Alibaba Cloud can also help Forex companies to connect with independent third parties to verify compliance with respect to a variety of industry and legal requirements.

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Solution Highlights

Cross-Region Connection

Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) and Global Acceleration (GA) solutions can address the major challenges of Forex companies, which most notably includes a jittery connection, which is susceptible to high packet loss rates, latency issues and an inferior user experience. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud’s solution provides a safe and reliable environment for private communications with multi-connection redundancy to guarantee high-quality communications.

Global Security protection

In the Forex market, Alibaba Cloud's Security Center, Anti-DDoS, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Cloud Firewall are popular solutions. Together these products serve as a comprehensive security solution to address the necessary application, platform and data security requirements of new and existing Forex applications.

High Elasticity

Alibaba Cloud's ECS Bare Metal Instances ensure superior performance and efficiency both in periods of high and low network demand. Taking advantage of next generation virtualization technologies, these instances both boast the elasticity of a virtual server as well as the superior performance of a physical server, all without any virtualization overhead.

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How It Works

Our Solution

Generally, when establishing cross-border connections for accessing trading servers hosted inside and outside of their local region, customers need to maintain and access a set of reverse proxy servers in the designated regions.

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator (GA) solution is a network acceleration solution. It reverses proxy servers for you so that you can easily set up end-to-end forex services in a few minutes without any of the issues typically associated with global communications. For example, if you subscribe to GA within China, you can also deploy a proxy server in a nearby country like Japan for access to US Servers, or China (Hong Kong) for access to European Servers. Security services such as Anti-DDoS protect your MT4 DC servers against volumetric DDoS attacks, so that you focus your whole attention on application security rather than infrastructure security.

Our Solution

Accessing trading servers across geographical borders via the Internet and a proxy server usually results in a jittery connection, which is susceptible to high packet loss rates, latency issues and an inferior user experience.

Alibaba Cloud’s Forex solution addresses this challenges. As a part of this solution, Alibaba Cloud’s Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is more than one thousand times faster than a typical Internet network. It also provides a safe and reliable, private communication environment with multi-connection redundancy to guarantee high-quality communication. Any network instances attached to a CEN network are interlinked and can communicate with each other, across regions.

Anti-DDoS Premium (or Anti-DDoS Pro) service mitigates Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which make websites and other online services unavailable by flooding or crashing the network with too much traffic. Our Anti-DDoS Premium service deals with such attacks on servers deployed outside Mainland China. Using Alibaba Cloud’s network of scrubbing centers, Anti-DDoS Premium automatically diverts DDoS attack traffic to the nearest center.

Our Solution

Forex companies often experience periods of high and low network demand but need to ensure a superior level of performance regardless of network demand. This solution helps Forex businesses that haven't deployed MT DC servers overseas to be able to deal with the challenges of establishing stable and fast cross-border connections especially under high demand scenarios.

As a part of this solution, Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer (SLB), along with an auto-scaling proxy service, allows for quick and easy scaling with minimal additional costs. Besides this, Alibaba Cloud‘s Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) provides a distributed and hybrid global network that’s ideal for Forex businesses that require extensive network coverage. This solution re-uses MT4/5 DC backend servers that are located in Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). These servers allow for low latency communications between multiple countries or regions.

Customer Stories

See how companies are leveraging Alibaba Cloud to grow and improve their business

To ensure a better service for our global end-users, especially for Chinese users, Windsor Brokers has adopted Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) to reduce Europe and China's connectivity latency, from an average of 250 milliseconds down to an average of 120 milliseconds.

Leonidas Petsas | IT Manager, Windsor Brokers Ltd

Windsor Brokers is a global Forex and CFD trading investment firm with roots dating back to 1988. The Company offers a powerful suite of trading platforms, allowing clients to trade over 45 different currency pairs, as well as gold, oil, soft commodities, and various shares, among other things.

Working with Alibaba Cloud and combining our technical expertise enabled us to deliver outstanding results for the people we have at the heart of our businesses, our clients.

Evgeny Protopopov | Head of IT Infrastructure, Exness Global Ltd.

Exness, a leader in the world of fintech is proud to partner with Alibaba Cloud - a like-minded company with a passion for excellence.

The Exness Group was founded in the area of finance and information technology in 2008. By the middle of 2014, the monthly trading volume of Exness Group’s clients amounted to more than 180 billion USD, and the number of trading accounts opened each month by traders around the world exceeded 15,000. Currently, the Exness Group offers the ability to trade more than 120 financial instruments.

Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • SEC Rule 17a

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