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A Content Intelligence-Driven Content Delivery Solution for Digital Signage

Available in North America, Singapore, Japan, and China (Hong Kong)
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Unified Cloud-Based Content Delivery Platform

Cloud Display is a content intelligence-driven information distribution system offered by Alibaba Cloud to facilitate content delivery to digital signage screens. It provides a wide variety of capabilities (such as content editing, filtering, enhancement, typesetting, delivery, and device integration). You can use Cloud Display to block inappropriate content (such as terrorism-related content, pornography, and violent content), generate content intelligence-drive recommendations, convert content formats from the cloud, and create digital posters based on algorithms.

Cloud Display allows you to easily integrate your ads (or third-party ads) and deliver ads statically or dynamically to digital signage screens. This helps deliver and manage ads across locations (such as within the individual stores of a chain-store brand). Cloud Display supports app-based content delivery and provides display hardware (upon request). Please contact us for more information about the hardware devices we offer.

Sensitive Content Filtering

Cloud Display uses content filtering algorithms to automatically detect and filter inappropriate content (such as pornography, politically sensitive content, and violent content). This helps reduce time spent on content supervision by operations staff. Content filtering is supported for multiple forms of content (such as text, images, videos, and web links).

Multi-Screen Synchronization

Cloud Display supports synchronized playbacks on multiple devices. Multi-screen synchronization reduces playback latency to milliseconds and allows you to deliver consistent and synchronized presentations across screens.

Rich Typography Designs

Cloud Display provides various typesetting features that allow you to quickly create content with attractive typography. Typesetting supports image content, text content, marquee ads, video content, carousel ads, elevator ads, dynamic QR codes, and other content forms.

Why Cloud Display?

Brands in the New Retail industry and digital signage providers strive to promote unified consumer recognition and improve the conversion rate by maintaining their brand image and providing consumers with steady and consistent online and offline experiences. Furthermore, brands and providers need to customize marketing content on a store-by-store and screen-by-screen basis to precisely market to their intended audience.

Unified Screen Management

Offline digital signage management solutions hinder the management of marketing screens and content across regions, which causes inconsistent and inefficient content delivery. Cloud Display uses cloud technologies to enable remote screen monitoring, upgrading, adjustment, grouping, and other operations tools that simplify screen management and improve operations efficiency.

Reduced Content Compliance Risks

Traditional content distribution solutions and USB-based presentations are prone to compliance issues due to a lack of an effective content-filtering system. You can use Cloud Display tools (such as content filtering, sensitive word filtering, copyright protection, complaint support, and real-name verification) to manage information distribution.

Lean Marketing Operations

Brands and media service providers need to create and provide marketing content based on information (such as locations, weather conditions, business types, and inventory volume) to maximize marketing effectiveness. Cloud Display empowers brands and media service providers to automate marketing, content management, and data analysis, reducing labor costs and overall marketing operations costs.

Data Statistics and Analysis

Traditional content distribution solutions are more limited in offering crucial aspects (such as data collection, data analysis, and instant content updates). In contrast, Cloud Display enables content operations managers to monitor device usage and content playbacks in real-time and use collected information to track conversion rates and analyze content delivery.


Cloud Display provides powerful features (such as content editing, filtering, enhancement, typesetting, delivery, and device integration) that can build a digital signage management solution that enables real-time interactions between the software and hardware.


Account Management

Use account and role management to manage logons and control access. Supported logon methods include Alibaba Cloud accounts, Alipay accounts, and more. You can create a custom role to log on to the platform.

Device Management

Manage and monitor device information (such as basic information and device status) and detect device faults at the earliest opportunity.

Content Management

Use content upload, content recognition, and storage features to create and manage content. You can efficiently manage content sources, including images, videos, and links.

Playback Scheduling

Manage playlists on devices and schedule content playbacks. Cloud Display dynamically calculates and manages content playback. Spot announcements and carousel playbacks are supported. The granularity of playback scheduling is down to seconds, with a maximum time range for playback scheduling of up to one year.

Content Filtering

Utilize filtering algorithms and manual filtering to filter inappropriate content (such as pornography, violence, and terrorism-related content). This helps reduce capital used in the manual filtering process.

Dynamic Content Delivery

Adjust content dynamically. You can remotely deliver content to digital signage screens and rearrange the playback sequence of the content.

Unified Management across Regions

Centralize cross-region content delivery management on the same platform by the same content managers.

Content Distribution Solution Comparison

Cloud Display
Traditional Content Distribution System
Account system
Alibaba Cloud RAM users
Cloud Display accounts
Support for customers' system accounts
Customers' system accounts
Device management
Device management
Device signal strength management (exclusive to Alibaba Cloud hardware)
Device grouping
Device hibernation and wake-up settings based on business hours or fixed time
Device management
Device grouping
Device hibernation and wake-up settings
Playback scheduling
Playback scheduling (such as instant playback, playback at a specific time, and recurring playback)
Multi-layer composite scheduling capabilities (such as scheduling at the background layer and information layer)
Data analysis for playback troubleshooting
Playback scheduling (such as instant playback, playback at a specific time, and recurring playback)
Template support
Intelligence-driven template generation and import
Support for only fixed-style templates
Multi-screen synchronization
Software synchronization algorithm with millisecond-level accuracy
Synchronization latency in seconds
Format support
Automatic transcoding on the cloud and support for major playable formats
Support for several predefined formats
Algorithm-based content filtering, which reduces labor costs
Manual filtering
Template and typesetting design
Custom playback templates based on modular components and a low-code approach
AI-powered inspection
Artificial intelligence (AI) powered playback comparison based on screenshots and images taken by cameras (only available in the Advanced edition)
Dynamic delivery
Algorithm-driven content delivery based on factors (such as weather conditions, inventory information, and locations)

Application Scenarios

Malls and Stores

Malls and Stores

Cloud Display allows malls and stores to efficiently present products, inform consumers about promotions, and convey their brand image through informative screens, which can help attract customer attention and boost sales.



Cloud Display-powered screens in hotel lobbies and rooms are effective tools to inform guests of hotel facilities, services, tourist attractions, and weather conditions, which contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Hospitals can use Cloud Display to improve their service efficiency by providing information about doctors, doctor visit processes, and patient queuing status.

Advertising Media

Advertising Media

Cloud Display can help improve content management in public spaces (such as subways, airports, and railway stations). It also enables real-time ad modification across digital signage screens, which improves advertising flexibility.

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